Special: Itaipu Dam

You might have never heard of the Itaipu Dam before and that’s a pity! The dam located not far away from the spectacular Iguazu Falls is without any doubt one of the most impressive buildings in the Western hemisphere. It happens to be the second largest hydroelectric dam in the whole world and looks totally spectacular!

When you are travelling to Brazil, there are many interesting things to see. What you might not think of first is visiting the Itaipu Dam, which is located not far away from the Iguazu Falls.

Itaipu Power Plant

Itaipu Power Plant is one of the most impressive power plants in the world

The project was introduced by the Brazilian and Paraguayan government decades ago and is one of the biggest success stories in South America.

Nowadays, the Itaipu Dam is not only interesting from an economical standpoint, but also as a sight you need to visit when on holidays!

The panoramic tour of Itaipu Dam

On our journey through Brazil, we dedicated half a day to visiting the Itaipu Dam. While there are several different options available, we went for the basic tour, which is called Panoramic Tour.

Itaipu Power Plant

You can enjoy phenomenal views even when doing the basic tour

It comes with a bus ride from the Brazilian side of the dam to the Paraguayan and lots of information in Spanish and Portuguese.

While it definitely isn’t the easiest way to get to know the dam as a non-Spanish or Portuguese speaker, you can still enjoy the incredible views.

There are also three points where you can hop off the bus to take some pictures. Most of these viewpoints are utterly impressive and make it possible to snap great pictures.

Itaipu Power Plant

The dam is an incredibly beautiful building

The tour definitely isn’t cheap, but it’s worth it. There are more extensive tours as well, which might be even more interesting, especially if you are into engineering.

The specifics of Itaipu Dam

While the pictures might already give you a nice impressions of Itaipu Dam, it definitely gets even more impressive with presenting some numbers.

The Itaipu Dam has a height of 196 meters (you really feel small when standing before it) and an incredible length of nearly eight kilometers.

Itaipu Power Plant

As you are also driving on the dam, you can enjoy stunning views of the river

The construction costs were close to 20 billion US-Dollar and the project, till today, is one of the biggest in the whole world.

You may not have known Itaipu Dam before (we also didn’t know it before), but after reading this article, you should definitely include it on your next journey! It’s worth it!


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    • It’s actually one of the biggest dams in the world. Yet, I also didn’t hear about it before visiting the Iguazu Falls. Always amazing to find a real hidden gem 🙂

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