Airline Review: Jet Airways (domestic Economy)

The Jet Airways domestic Economy Class is one of the many ways to travel between bigger cities in India. Jet Airways connects dozens of cities in India and offers a hot meal, comfortable seats and a decent seat pitch on all flights. Learn more about the Jet Airways domestic Economy in our airline review!

The Jet Airways domestic Economy Class is one of many ways to get around in India. We’ve already reviewed the Air India Economy Class, the First Class on a regular Indian train, the First Class in the Shatabdi Express as well as the Business Class of Jet Airways. We’ll also release a review of flying Indigo shortly!

  • Airplane: Boeing 737-800
  • Cabin Class: Economy
  • Daytime: Afternoon
  • Food: Dinner
  • Seat Pitch: 30 Inch (76 Centimeter)
  • Seat Width: 17 Inch (43 Centimeter)

Jet Airways mainly operates Boeing 737-800 aircrafts for regular domestic routes. If the flight is operated by Jet Airways Lite you might also find yourself onboard a Boeing 737-700.

Jet Airways Boeing 737-800

Seating in the Jet Airways Boeing 737-800

There are also a few turboprop aircrafts for less important routes. This airline review features the regular Economy Class onboard a Boeing 737-800!

Seating in the Jet Airways domestic Economy

The Jet Airways Economy Class comes with the typical 3-3 configuration. The seats are blue and look quite comfortable at first sight. The whole cabin looks a little bland though as all seats are just dark blue without any nice finishes. Generally, the plane of Jet Airways looked relatively old judging from the interior.

Nevertheless, the blue leather seats are relatively comfortable and in a decent condition. Moreover, the seat pitch is absolutely fine for shorter journeys. The seat width is nothing to write home about.

Food in the Jet Airways domestic Economy

What makes Jet Airways and also Air India special for regional flights is that they serve full meals even in domestic Economy Class.

Jet Airways Economy Class Seating

Meal in the Jet Airways Economy Class

On our flight from Jaipur to Mumbai, which could have hardly been any shorter, we were served a hot wrap (quite tasty and a little spicy) as well as a side of some fruits (average at best). On the tray we also found a bottle of water. After eating, you are also offered a choice of coffee or tea.

Jet Airways Economy Class Seating

Chocolate after the meal

Yet, it is worth mentioning that Jet Airways doesn’t offer any soft drinks or juices and also no alcohol in the domestic Economy Class. What’s a nice touch at the same time is the fact that the crew hands out some very tasty chocolate prior landing.

Entertainment in the Jet Airways domestic Economy

If you are flying with Jet Airways in Economy Class, you better bring your own entertainment. There are no newspapers, there are no in-seat monitors, there are no monitors above your head and there’s also no Wi-Fi.

Jet Airways Economy Class Seating

Board magazine in the Jet Airways Economy Class

The only enteratinment available in the Jet Airways domestic Economy Class is the board magazine. Even though Air India also doesn’t offer more, there are at least screens in the seatbacks (yet, those were not usable on any of our flights). The board magazine of Jet Airways is quite nice though.

Bottom line Jet Airways domestic Economy

If you plan on flying in India, you most likely won’t go wrong when picking Jet Airways. While I was also pleasantly surprised by Air India, I found Jet Airways to be a little bit superior as the aircraft was in a better condition, the interior looked a little fresher (not fresh by any means though) and the service was a tit friendler. Yet, I would definitely choose the airline, which is cheaper as the differences between the two legacy cariers are marginal.

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7 Comments on “Airline Review: Jet Airways (domestic Economy)”

  1. Jet Air is fine as long as you don’t carry a lot of luggage. Compare their standard domestic allowance in economy (15 kg/0 allowance for infant) with that of Air India (25 kg on most flights/10 kg for infant). This is why AI is always my first choice.

  2. Alcohol is not served on any domestic Indian flight. And yes AI seems to be not using the IFE on many domestic flights due to cost cuts but in all the flights I’ve taken ,it was working and they had good selection of movies and shows.

    But IndiGo has the best network and connections than any Indian carrier!

    • Hey cj, thanks for your comment! Good to know that there is no alcohol on domestic flights at all! I can’t really see the point in not making available the IFE as the monitors are there anyway (and here’s where the costs really occur due to weight). Well, nobody neads to really undestand AI 😀

  3. Overall ratings I can give to Jet airways is below 1 star. On board experience was good but superiors are very rude and I can say ridiculous. In time arrival/departure was very much disappointing.

    I can say is very bad experience. Never expected the same from a valuable name like Jet Airways.

    My Mobile no.8758989406

    • Hey Vipul, Thank you for your comment. I actually didn’t experience that on my Jet Airways flights. The flights were all on time and the crew was charming. I’m sorry about your bad experience 🙁

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