Hotel Review: Excelsior Hotel Thessaloniki

Excelsior Hotel Thessaloniki is one of the best rated hotels in the second biggest Greek city. When looking for a hotel in the city, the property looked decent on the pictures and due to my top-tier status with Small Luxury Hotels, I was also to enjoy some benefits. While everything sounded quite good in theory, I was not very satisfied with the hotel overall.

Arriving in Thessaloniki was everything but easy, especially as transportation in Thessaloniki is not only complicated, but also just bad.

Excelsior Hotel Thessaloniki Deluxe Room

Welcome Treatment at The Excelsior Hotel Thessaloniki

When we finally arrived at Excelsior Hotel Thessaloniki in the evening, we were welcomed friendly by the only employee present. He didn’t help us with our luggage and was acting a little weird overall.

The procedure was okay, but I definitely had better check-in experiences, especially when it comes to boutique hotels.

Deluxe Room at Excelsior Hotel Thessaloniki

When it comes to hotels, one of the most important things for me is the room as it’s where I spent most of time while at the property. At Excelsior Hotel Thessaloniki I was actually rather disappointed.

Excelsior Hotel Thessaloniki Deluxe Room

Deluxe Room at The Excelsior Hotel Thessaloniki

Even though we were upgraded to a Deluxe Room, the room was still extremely small. What was even more strange was the shape of the room as the bed was placed right next to the door, while some seating and a working desk were placed in a very small area which ended with the balcony and a large window.

While the balcony at Excelsior Hotel Thessaloniki was a nice touch in theory, the view was horrible and sitting outside was not any enjoyable as well as ventilation was located right next to the balcony.

Last but not least, I found the room to be somewhat noisy as the isolation was lackluster. Nevertheless, the design of the room was very nice and all the furniture looked very new.

Bathroom of the Deluxe Room

Even more disappointing than the room was the bathroom. I’m actually not sure I’ve been writing about such a small bathroom in any hotel review before.

Excelsior Hotel Thessaloniki Deluxe Room

Bathroom of the Deluxe Room

Upon entering, there was a small sink to the left, a round shower to the front and the toilet to the right. The bathroom was actually so small that I didn’t really had the chance to turn around.

Taking into account that we are speaking of a luxury hotel, the bathroom at Excelsior Hotel Thessaloniki was a full disappointment. Even the good toiletries didn’t make up for the lack of space, which made it even difficult to take a shower.

Dinner at Excelsior Hotel Thessaloniki

What I found to be very positive at the hotel was the fact that the food on the room service menu was actually quite reasonable.

Excelsior Hotel Thessaloniki Dinner

Room Service Dinner at The Excelsior Hotel Thessaloniki

That’s also why we took advantage of the offerings on both evenings after coming home from exploring the city. The club sandwich with fries we had on the first evening was no highlight, but very good nevertheless.

The Caesar salad we enjoyed the second evening was also good, but the real highlight definitely was the risotto, which was extremely tasty and perfectly cooked. So when it comes to food, Excelsior Hotel Thessaloniki really offers a decent value for the money.

Breakfast at Excelsior Hotel Thessaloniki

Sadly, we didn’t have the chance to have breakfast at Excelsior Hotel Thessaloniki on both mornings as we had an early departure on Sunday.

Excelsior Hotel Thessaloniki Breakfast

Breakfast Room on the rooftop

The reason why I’m sad about this is that breakfast was actually what I enjoyed most at the property. Served on the rooftop with a lot of sun, a nice view and very good service, breakfast was a real treat.

While the buffet itself was not very big, the quality of the items was very high. Also, you can order several interesting dishes from the hot menu.

Everything we tried was very good, so breakfast definitely is an area to praise in this hotel review.

Bottom line Excelsior Hotel Thessaloniki

I definitely don’t regret staying at Excelsior Hotel Thessaloniki as the breakfast experience and also room service dinner was very good. Nevertheless, I’ll surely try another property next time as the room just lacked what I expect in a luxury hotel: a nice layout, a comfortable bed, a luxurious bathroom and a nice view.

Excelsior Hotel Thessaloniki Breakfast

The breakfast at Hotel Excelsior was a real treat

Moreover, the room was just too noisy to have a comfortable sleep, which is key for my stays. So if you get the chance to stay at Excelsior Hotel Thessaloniki I’d go for a higher room category. With a larger and more comfortable room, you’ll most likely have a good time!

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