Transportation in Florianopolis

Transportation in Florianopolis doesn’t need too much explanation as getting around in the city is quite easy by foot. Anyway, there are buses as a means of public transportation and taxis if you’d like to get around more comfortably. Yet, there are not any railway services in the whole city.

It’s rare that cities come without any railway services. Yet, Florianopolis is one of these cities. There are no long distance trains, there are no regional trains, there are no commuter trains and there is also neither a tram nor a metro. The bus system is also quite difficult to use if you are a foreigner as there is hardly any information available online. Moreover, the bus services are operated by seven different companies on the island of Florianopolis.

Buses in Florianopolis

Florianopolis is a very nice place to walk around. It’s safe, it’s relatively clean and it comes with beautiful promendes. Yet, if you want to discover more of the city and especially the surroundings, you definitely need any means of transport to get there. Buses might be one option, but it is definitely recommendable to check back with your host or hotel before using buses.

Bus Florianopolis

There is a decent bus network in Florianopolis

That’s due to the fact that there are different operators and different bus service types, some direct, some semi-direct and some which stop everywhere on the way. Also, there are dozens of different lines with destinations in the approximate of Florianopolis. While buses in the cities are very cheap, they are also not the most comfortable way to get around as many buses are quite old and don’t comply with Western safety standards. The airport is served by four conventional and three executive bus lines.

Taxis in Florianopolis

If you’re looking for a more comfortable and quicker way to get around in Florianopolis, then taxis are the go-to option for you. The taxis in the city are known to be quite safe and also relatively comfortable as most drivers got modern cars. The base fare is around 4.60 BRL (~ 1.15 Euro / 1.30 US-Dollar) and the fare for one kilometer 2.45 BRL (~ 0.60 Euro / 0.70 US-Dollar). However, be aware that the prices might differ as there are several taxi companies in the city. Generally, rides from the airport to the city should cost around 40 BRL (~ 10 Euro / 11 US-Dollar). If you’re taking a taxi to a destination further outside of Florianopolis, you should plan paying approximately 150 BRL (~ 37 Euro / 42 US-Dollar) per hour.

  • the base fare for taxis in Florianopolis is 4.60 BRL (~ 1.15 Euro / 1.30 US-Dollar)
  • each kilometer is charged 2.45 BRL (~ 0.60 Euro / 0.70 US-Dollar)
  • rides from the airport to the city should cost around 40 BRL (~ 10 Euro / 11 US-Dollar)

Other means of transport in Florianopolis

There are relatively few means of transport in Florianopolis, which means that there are also rarely any special means of transport.

Uber Florianopolis

Uber is a good option in Florianopolis as well

The only relatively frequently used means of transport are limousine services, which genereally charge more than taxis, but also offer more comfort and drivers speaking English.


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