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IndiGo is one of the fastest growing airlines in the world and just a few months ago placed an order for 200 Airbus planes. IndiGo operates on a low-cost basis and offers neither included meals or drinks nor any sort of entertainment. Yet, I found the flight with IndiGo to be quite decent.

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After we were stuck in Jaipur due to riots in the region, I was looking for options to leave the city. Sure enough, I found a decent way by booking a flight with IndiGo in the late evening. As it turned out, the flight was not a regular one, but rather an additional one due to the riots.

  • Airplane: Airbus A320
  • Cabin Class: Economy
  • Daytime: Night
  • Food: for purchase
  • Seat Pitch: 30 Inch (76 Centimeter)
  • Seat Width: 18 Inch (46 Centimeter)

The prices for this particular flight were quite steep taking prices in India into account. However, booking just 10 hours prior to the flight might have been a strong factor. Interestingly enough, the flight was not showcased anywhere at Jaipur Airport, so there was some confusion. Sadly, IndiGo wasn’t able to really handle communications in a decent way. This led not only to even more confusion, but also to a huge delay of more than an hour due to poor planning of the aircraft occupancy (the regular flight to Delhi departed just 90 minutes prior the scheduled departure of the additional flight with the same airplane). Nevertheless, boarding started at midnight with a delay of two hours.

Seating when flying IndiGo

The bus boarding was quite quick and efficient and we finally settled at a window and a middle seat, which we were assigned at Check-In.

Economy Class in the IndiGo Airbus A320

Economy Class in the IndiGo Airbus A320

IndiGo offers a 3-3 configuration without any sort of Premium Economy or Business Class. There’s rather just Economy Class in all planes. This means that each and every Airbus A320 operated by IndiGo (the airline just has Airbus A320’s) comes with the exact same configuration. The seats are dark blue and come with either a blue or a white makasar.

While the seats look quite thin, they are actually relatively comfortable. The seat pitch of 30 centimeters is average, but far better than what many European low-cost carriers offer. The seat width is also okay. All in all, I found the seating in the IndiGo Airbus A320 to be relatively comfortable.

Indigo Airbus A320 Seat

The seat pitch is average at best

Moreover, the plane was extremly modern and clean, which definitely is a plus compared to Jet Airways and Air India! What’s also worth mentioning in this review is that IndiGo sells the Exit Row seats if you are looking for more space to stretch out!

Catering when flying IndiGo

IndiGo has quite a funny combination of a board magazine and a food menu. While I wasn’t hungry due to the ultra-late departure, the options in the menu looked good. It’s worth mentioning that the prices are actually quite reasonable.

IndiGo Menu


Drinks are available from 50 INR (~ 0.65 Euro / 0.75 US-Dollar). The food options are priced 100 to 250 INR (~ 1.30 Euro / 1.50 US-Dollar to 3.30 Euro / 3.75 US-Dollar). While India is generally relatively cheap, it’s worth mentioning that the prices are actually lower than at the airports.

Enteratinment when flying IndiGo

As IndiGo basically is a low-cost carrier, there is not much about entertainment to write about in this review. It’s worth mentioning that the food menu comes with a little history of the company, but that’s all you can find for entertainment.

There’s also no Wi-Fi in the IndiGo airplanes. So, if you need to stay entertainted, be sure to bring something yourself!

Bottom line IndiGo

As it turned out, our flight with IndiGo was actually the most expensive one while in India. However, this is reasoned by the circumstances. Taking into account that the prices for IndiGo usually are way lower, I found the airline to be quite good. Sure, a review about low-cost carriers will never make the airline look amazing, but I found IndiGo to be way superior to, for example, EasyJet. So, if IndiGo offers the lowest price for your flight in India, I wouldn’t hesitate booking them!

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  2. I boarded an IndiGo flight as well after my Jet Airways one was delayed due to fog. This was for a Goa-Mumbai-Delhi flight. So I ended up with a direct Goa-Delhi flight and it was probably the best flying experience within India. Totally recommend flying with them in India!

    • Thanks for the comment! I was indeed pleasently surprised (especially compared to 9W and AI). I can also just highly recommend IndiGo!

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  4. I don’t know if your experience and the review got affected a little bit due to this delayed flight 😉 But generally, out of total 54 times that I have flown (14 have been by Indigo), this airline actually always ended up being the cheapest carrier for over 90% of the times, no matter which route within India.

    Their on-time schedule is also good, although I think they are smart in skillfully raising the time duration of their flights, between the departure city and arrival city. Where other airlines say MUM-DEL 2:05 hours, Indigo mentions 2:30 hours and then claim 95% on-time performance…

    Also, I find they don’t have any frequent flyer scheme (FFS) as such, may be because the fares are so very cheap that there doesn’t seem to be a need for FFS.

    Overall, great airline and highest market share in India.

    Nice post 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment! IndiGo is indeed a good choice in my opinion. While I’m not a fan of low-cost-carriers, I found the airplane to be extremly modern and the seats to be comfortable. Yet, IndiGo as well as European LCC try to minimize block times at airports with “weird” time calculating. In this case, I was kind of disappointed that two flights to Delhi (with a return in between) were scheduled withiin just 90 minutues. Something that clearly can’t work out with a single aircraft. All just for the selling point of a departure on the day (11:40 pm) rather than the next day (which most likely wouldn’t have gotten close that many bookings)

  5. yes booking a flight that late in India can be really expensive! They actually have the largest market share in India. Interesting to see the seats in your flight, usually I always see the slim seats in their planes.

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