Running in Sao Paulo

Running in Sao Paulo was something I saved for our stay at Pullman Ibirapuera. That’s because of the stunning park, which is right in front of the hotel. Well, at least in theory…

While I expected running in Sao Paulo to be quiet convenient even though the city has not too many parks, things didn’t really work out the way I expected.

  • Distance: 7 kilometers
  • Jogged altitude: 135 meters
  • Calories burned:400-450
  • Month: March
  • Weather: Sunny

That’s not because the weather would not have been beautiful, but rather because getting to the Ibirapuera Park is everything but easy.

Running in Sao Paulo

Map of my run through Sao Paulo (tracked by Runtastic)

There’s one large street, which is pretty much like a highway and there are rarely any stops to cross it.

Running in Sao Paulo

It’s not exactly easy to reach Ibirapuera Park

I took a full me a full ten minutes to finally find a way to cross the extremly large street!

Enjoying the stunning Ibirapuera Park

While it was not really fun to run along the street, finding a way to finally get to the park, it is worth all the effort.

That’s especially because the Ibirapuera Park in Sao Paulo is not only quite large, it’s also extremly beautiful.

Running in Sao Paulo

At some point, you’ll finally reach the green area

You can not only find interesting statues and monuments, but also a river as well as one or another lake. This makes the whole atmosphere while running at Ibirapuera Park Sao Paulo absolutely great

! What’s also worth a mention is the great condition of the paths, which are used by hundreds of runners each more!

Admiring the skyline of Sao Paulo

Another thing, which made running in Sao Paulo quite enjoyable were the great views of the skyline.

Running in Sao Paulo

You see the skyline atthe horizon several times in the Ibirapuera Park

At several spots in the Ibirapuera Park, you have the chance to catch a glance of the city’s skyline.

Be aware that you are in the relative middle of Sao Paulo, which means that you can admire different parts of the skyline.

That’s especially interesting as Sao Paulo has high rising building pretty much everywhere, but yet in the distance. Like that, admiring the skyline from Ibirapuera Park is even more amazing.

Seeing the life in Sao Paulo

With leaving Ibirapuera Park, where you can also find several interesting museums, I found myself at a bridge crossing the highway.

From that bridge, I once again enjoyed stunning views of the skyline. Afterwards, I decided to get away from the highway and instead take a little detour back to the hotel.

Running in Sao Paulo

Running over the bridge is quite impressive

Like that I’ve also seen a little more of the typical life in Sao Paulo. School children, fruit stands and much more were a great finish of my run through Sao Paulo.

Running in Sao Paulo

The street life in Sao Paulo is quite interesting as well

While you might think that this running guide was rather random, I can just safely say: Sao Paulo is not about sightseeing running like other cities, but rather about spotanity and great parks like Ibirapuera Park, which is enjoyable regardless of which path exactly you take (as long as you don’t get lost)!


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    • Sao Paulo was especially nice when it comes to the weather and the quality of pictures! I’ll have some great new running guides from Australia & New Zealand coming up later this summer 🙂

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