Lounge Review: LATAM Lounge Sao Paulo

The LATAM Lounge Sao Paulo is the flagship lounge of oneworld carrier LATAM. With several daily long haul flights to North America, Europe and several markets in South America, Sao Paulo Guarulhos Airport and though the new LATAM Lounge Sao Paulo is of great importance for LATAM. Let’s see how it delivers!

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While there is no lounge at all in the domestic terminal of Sao Paulo Guarulhos Airport, there are two lounges available for oneworld passengers in the international terminal.

LATAM Lounge Sao Paulo Entrane

The entrance of the lounge is hard to miss

One is the LATAM Lounge Sao Paulo, the other is the American Airlines Admirals Club, which we’ll review later! The LATAM Lounge Sao Paulo is the first joint lounge of the two merging carriers LAN and TAM and is relatively modern.

The lounge was opened just a few months ago and still looks brand new, from the outside and from the inside.

Seating in the LATAM Lounge Sao Paulo

Upon entering the LATAM Lounge Sao Paulo, you’ll find yourself in one of the several seating areas of the lounge. Most of the areas come with a different design and also purpose.

LATAM Lounge Sao Paulo Seating

There are several different seating areas in the LATAM Lounge Sao Paulo

For example, closer to the buffet there are several dining tables. Further away from the buffet you’ll find relaxation chairs, an entertainment area as well as some nab caps. In one of the areas of the lounge there was also a large communial table, where you can, for example, have a conference.

Besides the varity I also liked the design of the LATAM Lounge Sao Paulo. The lounge comes with a modern and fresh design and yet doesn’t look overly sterile. Several areas come with a selection of fresh colors, making the lounge a real comfortable place to spend the time.

LATAM Lounge Sao Paulo Seating

There’s also a conference room sort of

Sadly, there is no tarmac view in the LATAM Lounge. Yet, the lounge has a relatively open setting with lots of glas, which allows nice views of the terminal (and at least in the distance also the tarmac).

While it was dark when we visited the lounge, I’m sure it’s a bright place during the day! The lighting was quite comfortable, too.

Buffet at the LATAM Lounge Sao Paulo

It’s worth noting that the LATAM Lounge Sao Paulo is the flagship lounge of LATAM and though you might expect a buffet with several hot options, especially in the evening.

LATAM Lounge Sao Paulo Buffet

The buffet is large, but the choice is average

Well, if these are your expectations, you’ll be quite disappointed about the offerings. While I didn’t find the buffet too bad by any means, it just rather reminded me of a domestic lounge.

There were several cold options including quite tasty sandwiches, cheeses, cold cuts, salmon and whole fruits. Moreover, there was a soup available. Last but not least, there were two or three different hot snacks like quiche available.

While the food options are disappointing for an international flagship lounge, I actually found the drink options to be decent. While there was no champagne, the offered wines were just fine. Also, the coffee machine in the LATAM Lounge Sao Paulo is decent.

Entertainment in the LATAM Lounge Sao Paulo

If you’re spending your time in the LATAM Lounge Sao Paulo, you’ll most likely not get bored. There are several magazines and newspapers available.

LATAM Lounge Sao Paulo Entertainment

The selection of newspapers and magazines is quite nice

While the focus is on national papers, there are also some English options.  Plus, there are also computers to work at. Last but not least, there’s reasonable quick Wi-Fi, which you can, of course, use free of charge!

Bottom line LATAM Lounge Sao Paulo

I’m not really sure what to say about the LATAM Lounge Sao Paulo. The design of the lounge is beautiful and I also enjoyed spending time in the lounge. The variety of different seating options is great and the option to relax and sleep a little during a layover is amazing. There are also modern showers and restrooms. That said, the soft product doesn’t really hit spot in my opinion.

LATAM Lounge Sao Paulo Seating

The LATAM Lounge Sao Paulo is a nice place to hang out for some time

While the entertainment options are reasonably good, they are not exceptional. Meanwhile, the buffet is average at best for an international flagship lounge. Overall, I’d definitely return to the LATAM Lounge Sao Paulo if I’m looking for a nice place to get some work done or relax a little. Yet, I wouldn’t go there for having dinner as there are surely better options at the airport!


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