Transportation in Jaipur

Transportation in Jaipur is not easy to explain as the system is not very well organized and there is rarely any information in English. Yet, there are ways to get around in Jaipur easier!

If you are travelling to Jaipur, you shouldn’t expect a well developed transportation system. There’s at least a decent train network, which makes it possible to travel from several cities in India to Jaipur.

Shatabdi Express First Class Train

There are connections to several cities from Jaipur

The central station is located close to most hotels, making it easy to get to your destination from the station in little time (if the traffic is not too bad). There are also several regional trains. However, those are not really recommendable for usage by tourists.

Metro in Jaipur

In 2015, Jaipur opened its first metro line, which operates elevated. The so-called Pink Line currently got ten stations, but is planned to be expanded in the next years.

Metro Jaipur

The metro in Jaipur is operated on elevated rails

The line connects the city center with the Pink City, which is the most important shopping and tourist destination in the city. A second line is also in the planning stage and is supposed to open in 2021. This line is supposed to connect the industrial areas of the city with the city center.

Metro lines in Jaipur:

  • Pink Line: Mansarovar – Chandople
  • Orange Line: Sitapura – Ambabari (supposed to open in 2021)

Buses in Jaipur

As it is the norm for cities in India, the public transportation network mainly relays on buses. Yet, there is no information available about the system in the internet in English. The system is hardly possible to use for tourists as there are no schedules, no fixed lines and also no information in English. Even the hotels in the city are not really able to explain or help you with the bus system. That said, I’d recommend to not use the old and not very safe buses at the first place.

Taxis in Jaipur

The most important means of transport for tourists in Jaipur are taxis. The prices are extremly reasonable with an average base fare of 50 INR (~ 0.65 Euro / 0.75 US-Dollar) and a kilometer fare of 10 INR (~ 0.13 Euro / 0.15 US-Dollar). You shouldn’t expect taxis to be very comfortable or safe, but they are a good way to get around nevertheless. Please be aware that many drivers don’t speak English, so conversation might be very limited. It’s recommendable to have the address of your destination in Hindi with you!

Other means of transport in Jaipur

There are two other options to get around in Jaipur. First of all, there are rickshaws (less than in other cities), which come with similiar prices as the taxis. Yet, be aware that rarely any rickshaw driver uses the meter, so better negotiate before boarding.

Rickshaw Jaipur

Rickshawas are a decent option to get around in Jaipur if you are good in negotiating

Rickshaw drivers genereally speak better English than taxi drivers. Another option to get around in Jaipur is Uber. There are many drivers and the cars are usually superior to taxis. Also, some of drivers speak English. The prices are comparable to taxi prices, sometimes even a bit lower.


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