Travel lingo for first-time flyers

Visiting a travel website can be quite confusing for first-time flyers. There are a bunch of terms and jargons to learn, which are not easy to comprehend if you don’t have a special dictionary at hand.

Understanding terms, abbreviations, and insider-lingo is as important as learning a second language today. Almost every industry has its own set of terms, and it wouldn’t hurt to know about their basics. Take for example the archaic game of bingo. Bingo is quite possibly the most jargon-infested game in the world. Play in a gaming hall with a veteran caller and you’ll hear funny side comments about the numbers being called. “Two kneeling nuns, N22” or “Seventh Heaven, number 37.” Online, there are also new terms that veteran players use. There’s now WDW or “Well Done Winner” and “GLE” or “Good Luck Everyone.” The beauty about knowing such terms is that you’ll be able to catch up quickly with conversations. This is especially true when traveling. By learning the terms by heart, you’ll be able to understand travel tips better, and even find good deals being advertised by a travel blogger of website.

Here are some of the most important travel terms that you may want to familiarize yourself with.

APEX – This term means “Advance Purchase Excursion” fare. APEX tickets are the cheapest ones a traveler can buy, and they get sold out quickly because of this.

Net fare – the actual price of a ticket without its taxes and other possible surcharges added on.

Companion fare – this is a promo by airlines to travelers with a companion. It’s like “Buy 1 take another with a 20% discount” to attract more travelers to purchase tickets.

Consolidators – consolidators are block of seats that an airline sells to a third party. The third party then sells this to the public at a marked-down price. Airlines don’t usually sell discounted tickets directly because doing it may give their business a bad name so they hide this fact through consolidators.

Blackout periods – a period of time where discounted tickets are impossible to get a hold of because they are in high demand. Blackout periods are usually during the Christmas break and summer vacation period.

Multi-hop trip – this is like traveling around the world. Instead of directly flying from point A to B, travelers take time at stopovers to explore new places.

Hidden City fairing – by all means, avoid doing this. This is being frowned upon by airlines. This is somewhat similar to a multi-hop trip but instead of ultimately arriving at point B, travelers stop somewhere in between. For example, there’s a flight ticket from Hong Kong to Germany, with a stopover in Saudi Arabia. Instead of going to Germany, the traveler will make a complete stop in Saudi. Some people do this because a direct flight to Saudi may be more expensive.

You’ll learn more as you travel but these terms are enough to get you started. Let us know some of your favorite travel terms below in our comments section.


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