Airport Guide: Hercílio Luz Airport Florianopolis

With a little less than 4 million passengers a year, Hercílio Luz Airport Florianopolis is one of the smaller airports in Brazil. Yet, the airport has good connections to several cities in Brazil!

Florianopolis is a city in the South of Brazil, which is known for its special location on an island, which is a natural reserve. Luckily, the city also got quite a decent airport, which you can reach from several points in Brazil and also from Argentina and Chile (seasonal).

TAM Airbus A320

National carrier TAM mainly flies to its hubs in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro

Flights to Buenos Aires are operated by Austral Lineas Aereas and GOL, while Sky Airline seasonally flies to Santiago de Chile. Domestic flights are operated by several airlines including Avianca Brazil, Azul, GOL and LATAM.

Most important carriers at Hercílio Luz Airport Florianopolis:

  • Avianca Brazil: Flights to Brasilia, Chapeco, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo
  • Azul: Flights to Campinas, Curitiba, Porto Alegre and Sao Paulo
  • Gol: Flights to Brasilia, Buenos Aires, Chapeco, Curitiba, Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo
  • LATAM: Flights to Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo

Shopping and dining at Hercílio Luz Airport Florianopolis

Hercílio Luz Airport Florianopolis is operated by Infraero and offers passengers the option of buying food and grocery. Yet, due to its size, the airport is everything but a shopping paradise. What you’ll get are books, souvenirs and some other items of daily use.

Hercílio Luz Airport Florianopolis

The number of shops at Florianopolis is relatively limited

The airport is also a little disappointing when it comes to the food offerings. There are a few cafés and snack bars, but you won’t really find a proper restaurant, where you can enjoy a high quality meal. Plus, the prices are quite steep compared to the city center of Florianopolis.

Sleeping at Hercílio Luz Airport Florianopolis

There are a few guesthouses relatively close to Hercílio Luz Airport Florianopolis, but there are no dedicated airport hotels.

Sofitel Florianopolis Superior Room

Hotels in the city center like Sofitel Florianopolis might be a good option for a stay

However, there is no real use for those anyway as there are rarely any connection flights via Florianopolis. Even if you got a late arrival or early departure, I’d recommend sleeping in the city center, which you can reach by taxi in just 15 minutes!

Lounges at Hercílio Luz Airport Florianopolis

Sadly, there is not a single airport lounge at Hercílio Luz Airport Florianopolis. Even oneworld carrier LATAM and Star Alliance airline Avianca Brazil don’t offer a lounge for their premium passengers.

Transportation at Hercílio Luz Airport Florianopolis

Transportation from Florianopolis Airport to the city center is possible either by bus or by taxi. Buses 183 and 186 go directly to the city center and stop at TICEN, the main bus terminal of Florianopolis. These buses cost 2.90 BRL (~ 0.80 Euro / 0.90 US-Dollar) per ride.

Bus Florianopolis

There is a decent bus network in Florianopolis

There is also an Executive Bus Service (number 6120), which costs 4.50 BRL (~ 1.25 Euro / 1.35 US-Dollar), but is more comfortable. The last option is taking a taxi, which is not very expensive as well. You should calculate with 20 to 40 BRL (~ 5.50-11 Euro / ~ 6-12 US-Dollar) depending on your destination and the time of the day.


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