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Sheraton Gran Canaria Salobre Golf Resort is one of only very few luxury hotels on the Canary Islands, which is not located right on the beach. In contrast, the property is actually located in the mountains. After staying at the property I can safely say that this is an advantage as the hotel is way better than many other island or holiday properties I stayed at before!

After having stayed at Gran Melia Palacio de Isora on Tenerife just a few weeks before, I didn’t really have the highest expectations of Sheraton Gran Canaria Salobre Golf Resort.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Suite
  • Month of Stay: January

That said, the experience started horribly. As a larger group of golfers checked in just before us and several members of the group even queue jumped, it took nearly an hour till we were to check-in.

Sheraton Gran Canaria Exterior

Exterior of Sheraton Gran Canaria

At least, the employee was extremely friendly and we were even offered a stunning upgrade to a Suite due to the high occupancy of the hotel.

Seems like waiting can be worth it from time to time!

Suite at Sheraton Gran Canaria

Even though there are not many different room categories at Sheraton Gran Canaria, there are actually several different wings which come with different views, balconies and gardens.

Sheraton Gran Canaria Suite

Suite at Sheraton Gran Canaria

We were assigned a room in one of the wings further away from the trouble. That said, our suite did offer a nice view of the mountains and came with an extensive garden, which I personally loved due to the large terrace with a comfortable couch.

The room itself was not really a highlight for a suite as both, the living and the bedroom were a little dark.

Sheraton Gran Canaria Suite

Terrace of the Suite

While I liked the idea of portioning of the two areas, I think it would have been more intelligent to make this room something like a Junior Suite. The furniture was not the newest, but still in a high quality.

Last but not least, it’s worth mention that the bed at Sheraton Gran Canaria Salobre Golf Resort was maybe the most comfortable I’ve ever slept in.

Bathroom of the Suite

While I wasn’t totally impressed by the suite at Sheraton Gran Canaria, I couldn’t believe how amazing the bathroom of the room was.

Sheraton Gran Canaria Suite

The bathroom is the real highlight of the Suite

Not only was the bathroom extremely extensive and flooded by light (yet there was enough screening), but also extremely tasteful decorated. The bathroom was also portioned off in one area with a free standing bathtub and a vanity area.

The other area had two sinks with enough storage room, a large walk-in shower and the portioned off toilet. Even though I was quite amazed, there are three negative things worth mentioning. First of all, it was truly weird that the toilet didn’t come with frosted glass, while the shower did.

Second, the shower was nice in theory, but the pressure was just too weak. Third, the toiletries offered by Sheraton are subpar for a luxury hotel like Sheraton Gran Canaria Salobre Golf Resort.

Pools & Gym at Sheraton Gran Canaria

If you are travelling to Gran Canaria, it’s most likely for relaxation.

Sheraton Gran Canaria Hallway

Even the hallway to the pool area is beautiful

At Sheraton Gran Canaria Salobre Golf Resort you’ll find this one for sure as there are extensive relaxation facilities.

Even though there are a few pools in the lower floors, I’ll actually focus on the so-called Sunset Pool. This one is located on the highest floor and offers stunning views not only of the sunsets, but also of the mountains and the ocean.

Extensive gardens with several relaxation facilities including loungers and Bali Beds (free of charge) round about the amazing relaxation facilities of Sheraton Gran Canaria. There’s also a fully equipped gym with modern machines and a lovely terrace with gorgeous views right below the pool. You may also enjoy special activities, which are offered on a regular basis.

Beach at Sheraton Gran Canaria

While this point of the review may sound weird, we were actually told that there is a so-called beach point of the hotel. Sheraton Gran Canaria Salobre offers a bus shuttle, which operated every hour or two and takes approximately 15 minutes to the beach in Maspalomas. While I expected the property to have a cool beach point somewhere at the beach, we were dropped off at a house some hundred meters away from the beach.

Sheraton Gran Canaria Beach Pool

There is also a little pool at the beach club

The facilities which also included a little swimming pool were looking rather dull and uninviting. Even though it’s not to have the possibility to enjoy the beach at Maspalomas, where also several other luxury hotels are located, I didn’t really find the facilities to be impressive. As I didn’t see any other guests at the beach point, I’m sure I’m not the only one with this impression.

Dinner at Sheraton Gran Canaria

As we enjoyed half board at Sheraton Gran Canaria Salobre Golf Resort, we had the chance to try a different dinner on both evenings.

Sheraton Gran Canaria Dinner

Dinner at the Buffet Restaurant

We went for the buffet restaurant on the first day and for the tapas restaurant, which comes with a small extra charge, on the second day. While the quality and the choice at the buffet restaurant was stunning, the atmosphere and the service were lackluster.

Everything was rushed and there were long queues pretty much at all times. At the same time, the tapas restaurant was fantastic and I was truly wondering why not more people make use of having dinner at this restaurant (there’s also a third restaurant, which offers fine dining on an à la carte basis).

All our tapas were very tasty and the service was very friendly and attentive. I’d definitely recommend to skip the buffet restaurant, which is not bad, but just can’t stand up to the tapas restaurant at Sheraton Gran Canaria!

Breakfast at Sheraton Gran Canaria

Breakfast was also served in the buffet restaurant, which wasn’t really surprising. As there is more space for breakfast and there’s also some great outdoor seating, I actually enjoyed breakfast more than dinner.

Sheraton Gran Canaria Breakfast

The breakfast spread at Sheraton Gran Canaria is more than decent

The buffet was once again very extensive and came with several regional specials as well as a wide range of hot dishes. I also adored the great selection of fruits. There’s also an option to order a freshly prepared egg dish at a live-cooking station.

The only thing I didn’t really like about breakfast was the service, which was not very attentive and once again quite rushed. However, the hotel was fully booked, so it’s just fair to take this into account.

Bottom line Sheraton Gran Canaria

I have to admit that I didn’t expect much of Sheraton Gran Canaria as the rate with half board was actually quite reasonable compared to what other luxury hotels on the island charge. Nevertheless, I have to draw a very positive conclusion in this hotel review.

Sheraton Gran Canaria Sunset Bar

Sheraton Gran Canaria is a great resort if you are looking for relaxed holidays

Dinner at the tapas restaurant was a real treat, breakfast was good for a hotel in Southern Europe and our suite came with a great terrace and a truly stunning bathroom. However, what’s even more amazing is that the relaxation facilities are not only very well taken care of, but also extremely private and relaxing.

Sheraton Gran Canaria Canopy Bed

Especially the sunsets are really breathtaking

I’m sure all the luxury hotels closer to the beach don’t come with dozens of loungers and Bali Beds, which are free even though the hotel is fully booked. That said, I’d definitely return to Sheraton Gran Canaria Salobre Golf Resort, which actually was the most positively surprising I’ve stayed at this year!

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