Hotel Review: Hotel Gorrion Istanbul

Hotel Gorrion Istanbul is a five star hotel located not far away from Istanbul Atatürk Airport. When having a layover in Istanbul, we were offered this property as the option for our complimentary overnight stay by Turkish Airlines. While I didn’t find the property to be bad, it’s also worth noting that Hotel Gorrion Istanbul definitely is no “real” give star hotel.

After a rather strenuous process at Istanbul Atatürk, we were taken to Hotel Gorrion Istanbul by a complimentary shuttle, which took a good ten minutes to reach the hotel.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Comfort Room
  • Month of Stay: March

As we were not the only layover guests, the check-in process took quite some time. Meanwhile I checked out the lobby, which somewhat lacked charm.

Hotel Gorrion Istanbul Lobby

Lobby of Hotel Gorrion Istanbul

Nevertheless, the design is quite modern and is supposed to look relatively luxurious. The check-in itself was efficient, but not very friendly.

Comfort Room at Hotel Gorrion Istanbul

As it is the norm for complimentary layover nights, we were assigned the basic room category called “Comfort Room”. Hotel Gorrion Istanbul mainly offers rooms of this kind, which are okay, but definitely not wow.

Hotel Gorrion Istanbul Comfort Room

Comfort Room at Hotel Gorrion Istanbul

Upon entering, there is the wardrobe to the left and the bathroom to the right. Further into the room, there is a TV board with a medium-size flat-screen and two complimentary bottles of water to the loft, while there are two single beds to the right.

Next to the window there is a decent working desk with a proper chair. In the corner, there is another chair with an ottoman, which was fairly comfortable. The view on a construction site was something to avoid at the same time.

Hotel Gorrion Istanbul Comfort Room

Working Desk of the Comfort Room

Nevertheless, I found the room at Hotel Gorrion Istanbul to be totally fine. The design was warm and stylish at the same time and the beds were quite comfortable. While it was not too noisy, I still found the windows relatively bad for an airport hotel.

Bathroom of the Comfort Room

The bathroom of the comfort room at Hotel Gorrion Istanbul was fairly basic as well. While modern, it was on the small side featuring a sink to the right, a toilet and a nice walk-in shower, which also came with a decent water pressure.

It’s worth noting that there was a window with a blackout curtain in-between the bathroom and the room itself.

Hotel Gorrion Istanbul Comfort Room

The toiletries at Hotel Gorrion Istanbul are decent

There were also plenty of toiletries, which were Hotel Gorrion branded, but still fairly decent.

Pool & Gym at Hotel Gorrion Istanbul

With a layover of just six hours, I didn’t have much time to check out the pool and the gym.

Hotel Gorrion Istanbul Gym

The gym at Hotel Gorrion Istanbul is quite modern

Yet, I took the chance to at least take some pictures. The gym looked absolutely fine with a lot of modern equipment and a decent atmosphere.

The equipment was fine for both, cardio and strength training.

Hotel Gorrion Istanbul Pool

Pool of Hotel Gorrion Istanbul

The pool looked like a nice place as well (sorry for the bad picture, but as the pool was closed at this time of the day, there was no light at all).

Breakfast at Hotel Gorrion Istanbul

Before getting back to the airport, we had a quick look on the breakfast buffet at Hotel Gorrion Istanbul. Breakfast is served on the ground floor, just a few steps away from reception.

Hotel Gorrion Istanbul Breakfast

The breakfast buffet at Hotel Gorrion Istanbul offered several options

While the breakfast restaurant itself lacked charm, it was quite bright, which is essential to me to have a good start into the day. While not of the highest quality, I also found the items available on the buffet to be quite good.

The choice was on the good side with lots of fruits, cold cuts, cheeses and bread. There was also a decent selection of hot dishes. The only thing I was upset about at breakfast was the non-existing service.

Bottom line Hotel Gorrion Istanbul

To me, Hotel Gorrion Istanbul is no real five star hotel as all employees lack warmth and friendliness. The whole service was cold and distanced, sometimes I even felt like nobody really cares about the guests. Yet, the hardware of the property is absolutely decent.

Hotel Gorrion Istanbul Gym

The very well equipped gym is one of the highlights of Hotel Gorrion Istanbul

The rooms are modern and come with a small, but nice bathroom. The gym and the pool looked quite nice and the breakfast was definitely above average. If you don’t pay too much, Hotel Gorrion Istanbul is not a bad choice for a layover!

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