Airport Guide: Rio de Janeiro Galeao International Airport

Rio de Janeiro Galeao International Airport is the biggest airport in Rio de Janeiro. More than 17 million passengers a year use Rio de Janerio Galeao International Airport, which got hugely renovated for the Olympic Games 2016.

When I’ve been to Rio de Janeiro Galeao International Airport for the last time, the airport was still a huge construction site. Nevertheless, it was yet possible to see how the airport is supposed to look like in the future.

Rio de Janeiro Galeao AIrport

Tam is the most important airline at Rio de Janeiro Geleao Inernational Airport

While Terminal 1 at Rio de Janeiro Galeao International Airport is used by Azul, Flyways and Gol, Terminal 2 is used by all other carriers including all international airlines. There are several daily flights from Rio de Janeiro to Europe and America as well as hundreds of domestic connections.

Most important airlines at Rio de Janeiro Galeao International Airport:

  • LATAM: several domestic and international flights (including flights to Miami and New York)
  • GOL: several domestic and selected international flights
  • Avianca Brazil: several domestic flights

Dining and shopping at Rio de Janeiro Galeao International Airport

Passengers departing from Rio de Janerio Galeao International Airport got the choice of several restaurants, bars and cafés if opting for a meal or a drink. While you can find a way better selection of different restaurants in Terminal 2, there are also some restaurants in Terminal 1. You can also find fast food shops landside as well as airside. The same is true for shops. Yet, you should be aware that Rio de Janeiro Galeao International Airport is not really a shopping paradise. You can find stores for souvenirs, newspapers, fashion and much more, but the more exclusive shops are mainly located landside in Terminal 2 or in the international airside area of the terminal.

Sleeping at Rio de Janeiro Galeao International Airport

Rio de Janeiro Galeao International Airport comes with two airport hotels, with Linx International Airport Hotel being the better choice judging from the reviews. Yet, the property is a kilometer away from the airport (shuttle service is offered). Rio Aeroporto Hotel is located right in the terminal, but go very bad reviews lately, so is not recommendable at all. Other than the two hotels located directly at Galeao International Airport you might also opt for a hotel located a little further away. There are two ibis properties just 7.5 kilometers away from the airport and you can also find a Best Western in the approximate. As mentioned in, it is not recommendable to search a sleeping spot at the airport as the chairs are not comfortable and the temperature is very low during the night.

Lounges at Rio de Janeiro Galeao International Airport

As of now, there are neither lounges in Terminal 1 nor in the domestic area of Terminal 2. The lounge facilities at Rio de Janeiro Galeao International Airport are limited to the international area of Terminal 2, where passengers can find the ProAir Sala VIP and the GOL Smiles VIP Lounge, both accessible for selected passengers of different airliens. Passengers holding a Priority Pass might also access the GOL Smiles VIP Lounge. You can also buy access to both lounges at the door.

Lounges at Rio de Janeiro Galeao International Airport:

  • ProAir Sala VIP: LH / UA *G, BC and FC; JJ / LA OW Emerald and BC; ST EP, FB and FC, PP, $
  • GOL Smiles VIP Lounge: AA OW Emerald and BC, GOL frequent flyers, PP, $

Transportation at Rio de Janeiro Galeao International Airport

There are several different options to get from Rio de Janeiro Galeao International Airport to the city center. The ordinary city buses 924 and 925 might be the cheapest option, but getting along with the bus sytem in Rio de Janeiro can be challenging as a foreigner. Furthermore, there is a stop of the BRT (bus rapid transport) system at both terminals of the airport, which connects the airport with a station of metro line .

Taxi Rio de Janeiro

Be sure to arrange a price before boarding a taxi

This can be the fastest way to get to the city center depending on the time of the day. There are also several other private bus companies offering services to the city center. Other than that, you can also take a taxi or an Uber. Yet, be aware that rides to the city center by taxi might cost up to 70 BRL (~ 19 Euro / 21.5 US-Dollar). Uber is way cheaper, but there is not availability at all times.


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