Hotel Review: Ponta dos Ganchos Resort

Ponta dos Ganchos Resort is a luxury resort in Brazil, located 45 minutes by car from Florianopolis. The property is a member of The Leading Hotels of the World and is without any doubt one of the most exclusive resorts in Brazil. This review will present you an Esmeralda Villa and all the facilities of the luxury resort, I’ll definitely keep in mind forever.

While the drive to Ponta dos Ganchos Resort can be quite strenuous, especially as taxi drivers don’t know the property, arriving at the property is the first real experience.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Esmeralda Villa
  • Month of Stay: March

A small gravel road leads up to the resorts reception, where you are already welcomed by a glass of champagne. The check-in procedure is very relaxed and done while you are explained the property.


Upon you have finished your glass of champagne you are led to your villa, which in our case was an Esmeralda Villa. You can choose to either walk or be driven to the villa (you’re baggage will already await you there).

Esmeralda Villa at Ponta dos Ganchos Resort

It’s kind of hard to describe the Esmeralda Villa we were assigned as it was by far the most amazing room I ever got in a luxury hotel.

Ponta dos Ganchos Resort Breakfast

The Esmeralda Villa is incredibly spacious and luxurious

The secluded villa comes with more than 100 square meters and an extremely extensive terrace, which I’ll review in a special section. Upon entering, you immediately find yourself in the extremely spacious room.

Upfront, there is a large seating area with couch, a large flat-screen television, a fire place and an extremely extensive minibar including an immense selection of wines and champagnes.

There is also a Nespresso machine (which comes with an extra charge as I was realizing upon check-out). Further into the Esmeralda Villa at Ponta dos Ganchos Resort there is the extra-large bed, which is extremely comfortable.

There is also another table with some chairs, where you can work or just relax. The whole Villa comes with a spectacular glass front facing the terrace and the sea. And the views… they are just breathtaking regardless of where in the villa you are the moment.

Terrace of the Esmeralda Villa

The terrace of the incredible Esmeralda Villa at Ponta dos Ganchos deserves a special section in this hotel review as it was just amazing.

Ponta dos Ganchos Esmeralda Villa

Private Pool at Ponta dos Ganchos Resort

While already big in size, it not only features two very nice sun chairs with an umbrella and another table with chairs and a comfortable daybed, but also a plunge pool.

Yet, what makes the terrace of the Esmeralda Villa that special is that it is totally private and offers views, which are hard to describe. Have a look at the pictures and just enjoy!

Bathroom & Sauna of the Esmeralda Villa

The Esmeralda Villa might feature the biggest bathroom you’ll find in a luxury hotel.

Ponta dos Ganchos Esmeralda Villa

You don’t find a jacuzzi and such a view in a bathroom every day

With big I mean so big that there are two separated toilets, a large vanity area, a walk-in wardrobe, two sinks with tons of storage room, two rain-showers, which you can open up to a little garden, a sauna for two people and another sun deck with two chairs and an incredible view of the sea.

Once again it’s hard to describe how gorgeous the whole design of the Esmeralda Villa at Ponta dos Ganchos is. The bathroom was at least as much of a highlight as the terrace and the room itself.

Beach at Ponta dos Ganchos Resort

The secluded Ponta dos Ganchos Resort comes with a private beach, which is located right next to the restaurant where dinner is served.

Ponta dos Ganchos Resort Beach

The beach is small, but extremly exlusive and private

The beach is on the small side with just a few loungers, but taking into account how small the resort is, the size is just perfect.

The beach itself is quite nice and the bay, where you can easily swim in, is beautiful. What makes the beach most amazing is the fact that it’s totally private and embed into nature.

There is also service on the beach. If you need anything, just ask! Next to the beach there is also a jetty, which leads to the resorts private island, where you can find another small beach as well as some beautiful nature.

Pool & Gym at Ponta dos Ganchos Resort

In addition to the private plunge pool and the peaceful beach, you can also find a pool and a gym at Ponta dos Ganchos Resort.

Ponta dos Ganchos Pool

I never met a single person at the indoor pool of Ponta dos Ganchos Resort

Located close to the breakfast restaurant, the indoor pool has a decent size and good temperature. I’m sure the pool is especially amazing in winter as the temperatures can drop to 0 degrees Celsius from time to time.

Additionally, Ponta dos Ganchos Resort is currently building an outdoor pool. The gym of the resort is relatively small, but comes with the necessary equipment for cardio and strength training. There is also a television, which you can use while working out.

What’s especially worth mentioning in my opinion is the nice selection of drinks and fruits available at the gym.

Ponta dos Ganchos Tennis

You can also enjoy other activities like tennis

We also played tennis (one of the included activities) one day and were proactively served different waters to stay hydrated.

Dinner & Afternoon Tea at Ponta dos Ganchos Resort

While an Afternoon Tea selection as well as breakfast are included in the rates at Ponta dos Ganchos Resort, dinner is not. Nevertheless, the prices are actually quite fair (by European standards).

Ponta dos Ganchos Resort Dinner

Dinner is served in a very exclusive atmosphere

The location of the dinner restaurant right next to the beach could hardly be more amazing and you can choose to either sit outside or inside.

The service was amazing all the time and the two mains we ordered, beef filet and octopus, were both extremely good. Complemented by a great atmosphere, I must admit that the dinner was absolutely enjoyable.

We also had a great hamburger in the room at one occasion. While I was truly amazed by the dinner, the included “Afternoon Tea” was relatively disappointing.

Ponta dos Ganchos Resort Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea set-up at Ponta dos Ganchos

Service was slow and the selection available (a few finger sandwiches and one cake) was sub-par. Not to my surprise, we were the only guests present.

We also had a hamburger via room service once, which was quite good as well!

Breakfast at Ponta dos Ganchos Resort

Staying at Ponta dos Ganchos Resort, you are to enjoy an incredible breakfast experience.

Ponta dos Ganchos Breakfast

The view in the breakfast restaurant is breathtaking

The breakfast restaurant with stunning views of the bay doesn’t offer a buffet, but rather à la carte breakfast. To be precise, a seven course tasting breakfast.

Ponta dos Ganchos Resort Breakfast

Breakfast at Ponta dos Ganchos Resort is an incredible experience

I’m a huge fan of à la carte breakfast at luxury resorts and though absolutely enjoyed the breakfast at Ponta dos Ganchos Resort. The service was amazing and the daily changing menu is incredible.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

While you’d expect to be quite full after two or three courses, the portions are ideal to enjoy all seven courses. The variety of options definitely is best described by the pictures I’ve added!

Bottom line Ponta dos Ganchos Resort

Looking back, there was rarely anything I didn’t enjoy at Ponta dos Ganchos Resort. From the incredible Esmeralda Villa to the stunning beach to the incredible dinner to the unique breakfast.

Ponta dos Ganchos Esmeralda Villa

Ponta dos Ganchos is a resort I won’t forget anytime soon

Ponta dos Ganchos Resort is without any doubt one of the best luxury resorts in Brazil, maybe even in South America. Personally, I even rank Ponta dos Ganchos the luxury hotel I like the most in the whole world as of now. If you got the chance and some cash to burn: you definitely won’t be disappointed by the incredible Ponta dos Ganchos Resort!

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