Running in Dallas

Running in Dallas can be quite an experience as it pretty much substitutes sightseeing. The city itself doesn’t have too many sights and if you are starting downtown like I did at Omni Hotel Dallas, you’ll have an easy time seeing most interesting spots in the city.

While the weather was quite streaky the morning I went running in Dallas, the temperature was actually decent.

  • Distance: 7 kilometers
  • Jogged altitude: 180 meters
  • Calories burned: 425-475
  • Month: March
  • Weather: Cloudy

That said, I started at Omni Hotel Dallas and first ran to the West, going further to the North and back to the hotel again.

Running in Dallas

Map of my run through Dallas (tracked by Runtastic)

Like that, I covered many interesting areas of the city including Dallas downtown.

Running in Dallas

The weather this moring was rather rough

Yet, the number of parks on the route is somewhat limited.

Union Station, Reunion Tower and Old Red Museum

Upon leaving the hotel, the first sight I saw was the Union Station, which looks quite historic compared to most other parts in Dallas.

As the station is rather small, it also looks somewhat cute. The Reunion Tower, which is located on the other side of the rails, looks rather moderned and is said to allow a great view of Dallas from the top.

Running in Dallas

Reunion Tower looks kind of lost in the neighborhood

Following the route, it was a little tough to cross the rails again. Yet, I managed to do and found myself in the Museum Quarter of Dallas.

One of the most adorable buildings in my opion is the Old Red Museum, which I was happy to spot while running!

American Airlines Center and Dallas Downtown

The next sight I spotted while running is the American Airlines Center, which is the sports hub of Dallas.

Running in Dallas

The American Airlines Center is the sports hub in Dallas

The building itself is not very impressive, so passing by is the best option while running. Following my route, I decided to go East to Dallas Downtown.

I found one or another quite nice little park, but nothing very spectacular. Yet, it’s worth noting that the skyscrapers look quite nice when running by.

City Hall, Convention Center and Pioneer Plaza

On my way back to Omni Hotel Dallas, I decided to make a little detour to also see the City Hall.

Running in Dallas

The architecture in Dallas is quite interesting

This one might have been a highlight of sightseeing dozens of years ago, but looks quite weird nowadays. In the same area, you can also spot the Convention Center and Pioneer Plaza, where you can find dozens of longhorn cattle sculptures, which remind visitors of the past.

Running in Dallas

The longhorn cattle monument is one of the highlights of running in Dallas

I found this “monument” to be one of the highlights. Yet, Pioneer Plaza itself is also quite nice. Just a few steps from there, I was back at my hotel.

Honestly, running in Dallas has not been a real highlight, but if you don’t have much time to see Dallas, I’d recommend to skip sightseeing and go running on this route instead!


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  1. Hi. I live in Dallas and work downtown. If you ever visit again, you might find the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge (it’s a Calatrava bridge) and the Trinity Groves area to be an interesting area to see as well! The bridge is especially beautiful at night and there is a pedestrian bridge that runs parallel to it.

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