Bologna: Top things to do and see

Inner City Bologna

Bologna is located in the North of Italy and has a very rich history. Not only is Bologna interesting when it comes to architecture and culture, but also for having the oldest university in the world! As Bologna has so much to offer, here are our top things to do and see.

  1. Visit Basilica Santo Stefano

The basilica Santo Stefano in Bologna is not only a church. Instead, it is a whole complex of religious edifices located on Piazza Santo Stefano.

Spending some minutes inside the walls is just impressing, especially thanks to its unique architecture and plurality of edifices.

  1. Be impressed by the churches in Bologna

However, Bologna has so much more to offer when it comes to churches or religious monuments than “just” Basilica Santo Stefano.

Without any doubt, they all do have their own story. Most of them date back to the Medieval Ages.

  1. Stroll around in the inner city

Bologna excels through a historical flair when strolling around in the inner city.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Especially when discovering the historic architecture, you will fall in love with the Italian city.

  1. Admire Two Towers

In the 12th and 13th century, the number of towers in Bologna was very high, approximately up to 180. The Towers of Bologna are a group of medieval structures, but the landmark of the city are the two most famous ones:

Garisenda and Asinelli are the names of the two most prominent ones, known as the Two Towers. As they are lopsided, it is something special to see them next to each other.


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