Hotel Review: ANA InterContinental Tokyo

ANA InterContinental Tokyo is the name of one of the biggest luxury hotels in the Japanese capital. I already reviewed The Strings by InterContinental Tokyo, but found the ANA InterContinental to be the superior hotel due to several reasons. Read more in our extensive hotel review!

ANA InterContinental Tokyo is located just a five-minute walk away from a metro station and thus is well connected with pretty much everything in Tokyo.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Superior Room
  • Month of Stay: April

Around the hotel you can also find several shops, a mall and a few restaurants. The government district and the area around the Tokyo Sky Tree are in walking distance. That said, it’s hard to overlook the ANA InterContinental Tokyo as it is so massive.

InterContinental ANA Tokyo Lobby

It’s hard to overlook ANA InterContinental Tokyo

With hundreds of rooms spread over dozens of floors, the property is so big that is has two sets of elevators. Six for the lower floors, another six for the upper floors.

The check-in at the luxury hotel was… well, Japanese. Very well organized, very slow and not particularly informative.

Superior Room at ANA InterContinental Tokyo

I had a reward booking for a standard room at ANA InterContinental Tokyo and was given keys for a room on the 24th floor, which I immediately rejected as it smelled like a smoking room (and was indeed on a smoking floor).

InterContinental ANA Tokyo Superior Room

Superior Room at ANA InterContinental Tokyo

After some discussion at reception I was handed keys for a room on a way higher floor, which also was an upgrade due to the superior location (this review features pictures from both rooms, which were quite similar in terms of the interior).

The “new” Superior Room was a non-smoking room, making it acceptable. Moreover, I found the room to be quite large for Tokyo standards, especially compared to The Strings by InterContinental.

InterContinental ANA Tokyo Superior Room

View of Tokyo

The interior is quite modern. There are a large and comfortable bed, two bedside tables, a working desk with ergonomic chair, a flat-screen television and also a small seating area by the window.

The view of the city is quite amazing due to the high floor, so I’d highly recommend booking a room with such a view upfront!

Bathroom of the Superior Room

The Superior Room at ANA InterContinental Tokyo comes with a typically small bathroom.

InterContinental ANA Tokyo Superior Room

Bathroom at InterContinental ANA Tokyo

This one features a window with blackout curtain, a sink, a toilet and a shower-tub combo. While very small, I didn’t find the bathroom to feel cramped due to natural light coming from the room.

Yet, I wasn’t very happy to find a shower curtain as I feel like luxury hotels just shouldn’t have shower curtains anymore.

InterContinental ANA Tokyo Superior Room

Agraria toiletries

Yet, the amazing Japanese toilet and the good Agraria toiletries made up for that!

Gym at ANA InterContinental Tokyo

It’s worth noting that ANA InterContinental Tokyo also features an outdoor swimming pool. Yet, this one is only open for four months in summer.

InterContinental ANA Tokyo Gym

Gym at ANA InterContinental Tokyo

Thus I couldn’t give it a try in April. However, I at least checked out the gym, which sadly came without a view. Besides that, the gym is relatively large and comes with decent options for cardio training.

At the same time, there was not much equipment for strength training, which I found somewhat odd. What’s quite nice is the fact that there is a sauna in the men’s changing room (there’s none in the women’s changing room for whatever reason).

InterContinental ANA Tokyo Sauna

Sauna at ANA InterContinental Tokyo

Nevertheless, the “points” in this particular area go to The Strings by InterContinental Tokyo!

Breakfast at ANA InterContinental Tokyo

We were offered a special price for breakfast prior to our stay. To my surprise, nobody at the hotel was aware, but the problem was sorted out after a couple of minutes.

InterContinental ANA Tokyo Breakfast

Breakfast at ANA InterContinental Tokyo

The breakfast is served in the main restaurant of ANA InterContinental Tokyo on the lobby floor. The choice at breakfast is absolutely great. You can find not only a huge Japanese section, but also continental and other Asian dishes.

You also won’t miss the hot option of your choice as you can order eggs any style and much more from the menu. The service at breakfast was fine, but not great.

Overall impression of ANA InterContinental Tokyo

Japanese hotels tend to have small rooms and somewhat distanced service. That’s not really the style of hotel I’m loving. Nevertheless, ANA InterContinental Tokyo performed just fine for what it is. The rooms are large enough and come with a modern design. The bathroom is the only weakness, while the view is absolutely stunning.

InterContinental ANA Tokyo Superior Room

ANA InterContinental Tokyo is a good choice for staying in Tokyo

The choice at breakfast is admirable, while the service and the atmosphere could be a little better. The gym and the pool are nice in theory, but the limitations for swimming (only in summer) and working out (only cardio) kind of disappointed me. However, I would recommend ANA InterContinental Tokyo for a stay in the city as most other five star hotels are either not very well rated or way more expensive!

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