Looking Back

Looking Back

Back from Australia and New Zealand, it’s time to focus on new content and a few regional impressions for now! I hope you enjoyed the traveluxblog content last week anyway! Here’s our overview!

Hilton Frankfurt Airport Executive Suite

The week started with a short overnight stay at Hilton Frankfurt Airport!

InterContinental ANA Tokyo Superior Room

Remember our trip to Japan? Here’s an extensive review of ANA InterContinental Tokyo!

Lufthansa Business Lounge Frankfurt B24

Impressions from trip to the UK: The Lufthansa Business Lounge Frankfurt (B24)!

Lufthansa Business Lounge Schengen Satellite Munich

Followed by an extensive review of another Lufthansa Lounge. Actually a new one in Munich!

Breezy Lounge Southampton

Staying in the world of lounges, here are impressions of the Breezy Lounge Southampton!

Ani Villas Sri Lanka Villa Monara

It’s time for a new hotel preview after some time without these posts: Ani Villas Sri Lanka!

Istanbul Atatürk Airport

As usual, we also got a new guide for you! Here’s all you need to know about Istanbul Atatürk Airport!

Iguazu Falls

Last but not least, here’s the newest edition of our photo of the week!

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