Transportation in Ghent

Transportation in Ghent is quite convenient. If you are travelling to the lovely town in Belgium, you can make use of an easy and reliable transportation system consisting of trams and buses. While the trams and buses might not be the most modern, you still won’t have any problems getting around.

Travelling to Ghent is absolutely worth it. A trip gets even more exciting if you make use of the very good transportation system in Ghent. While taxis are an option as well, you might use trams and buses to get around for an affordable price. If you are travelling from Brussels or other cities to Ghent or want to experience the countryside, you can also make use of the frequent train services in Belgium.

Train Ghent

Train connect Ghent with several other cities in Belgium

While there is no real commuter rail in Ghent itself, there are several InterCity and regional services to cities nearby. Brussels for example is just 30 minutes away by train. There are also trains, which are bound through from Ghent to Brussels Zaventem Airport.

Trams in Ghent

The tram system in Ghent changed heavily in the 1980ers and nowadays consists of just four lines. It is supposed to be expanded to six lines by 2025. As of now, the system has a total length of 30 kilometers with trams mainly operating in the city center.

Tram Ghent

The trams in Ghent operate quite frequent

All four lines stop in Korenmarkt, which is the historic city center of Ghent. Another important exchange station between the tram lines is Sint-Pietersstation, which also is the most important train station in Ghent.

Tram lines in Ghent:
  • Line 1: Flanders Expo – Sint-Pietersstation – Korenmarkt – Evergem
  • Line 22: Kouter – Sint-Pietersstation – Korenmarkt – Zuid – Gentbrugge
  • Line 24: Rabot – Korenmarkt – Zuid – Melle Leeuw
  • Line 4: Zwijnaardeburg – Sint-Pietersstation – Zuid – Gentbrugge

Buses in Ghent

In addition to the extensive tram network in Ghent, you can also find several bus lines. These are the backbone of the transportation system in Ghent as they operate in way more areas of the city. There are also several bus lines in the city center of Ghent, making it easy to connect between buses and trams. You can also make use of several night bus lines.

Bus Ghent

There are also several bus lines in the city

Be aware that most buses are accessible, while many trams are not. Practically, the trams and buses also come with a combined fare system. Single tickets are quite expensive (3 Euro / ~ 3.25 US-Dollar), while day tickets can be described as fairly priced in a Central European context. Tickets can be purchased at the stations or at the driver (only if there is no vending machine at the station).

Tickets for trams and buses in Ghent:
  • Single Ticket for 60 minutes: 3 Euro (~ 3.25 US-Dollar)
  • Day Pass: 6 Euro (~ 6.5 US-Dollar) or 8 Euro (~ 8.75 US-Dollar) if bought at the driver
  • Three Day Pass: 12 Euro (~ 13 US-Dollar) [only available at vending machines]
  • Five Day Pass: 17 Euro (~ 14.50 US-Dollar) [only available at vending machines]

Taxis in Ghent

As it is the norm in Belgium, taxis in Ghent are quite expensive. There are quite a lot of taxis located at strategic points like the two big train stations or the city center (in the Korenmarkt area). You can also find taxis at several other points in the city or might just hail one on the street. Before boarding, you should be aware of the base fare of 8 Euro (~ 8.75 US-Dollar), which as itself is more expensive than a day pass for the public transportation. Each further kilometer is charged 2.50 Euro (~ 2.75 US-Dollar). While expensive, taxis in Ghent are very safe and offer a high level of comfort.

Prices for taxis in Ghent:
  • Base Fare: 8 Euro (~ 8.75 US-Dollar)
  • Kilometer Fare: 2.50 Euro (~ 2.75 US-Dollar)

Other means of transport in Ghent

If you are visiting Ghent, you will instantly recognize a lot of channels and rivers. Especially for tourists, there are a few different options to make a little cruise to see Ghent from a different perspective.

Ghent River

You might enjoy a little river cruise in Ghent

Other than that, you can also make use of city bikes, which are available throughout the city center. Uber is not available in Ghent as of now.


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  1. I loved Ghent! I took a cruise down the river and would highly recommend it. Aside from that, I tended to enjoy walking around the streets, admiring all the old buildings. But, if the weather is not so good, it’s great having these other options!

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