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Hilton Prague is one of the two Hilton affiliated luxury hotels in Prague. The hotel is located a little further outside the city center, but isn’t too far away from the most important sights. Nevertheless, my stay wasn’t a very good experience as you’ll see in this review. However, the hotel reacted extremely grateful to my feedback, so the customer service could definitely be worse.

Upon arrival at Hilton Prague, I was asked to check-in on the Executive Level. Upon arriving on the highest floor, I was checked in by a friendly employee.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Executive Room
  • Month of Stay: May

I was upgraded to an Executive Room (standard room on a higher floor) and was handed my keys.

Hilton Prague Lobby

Lobby of Hilton Prague

The check-in was nothing to write home about, but it was also not bad by any means.

Executive Room at Hilton Prague

As I had a meeting, I just had a quick look at the room upon arrival. My first impression wasn’t bad as the room was somewhat special.

Hilton Prague Executive Room

Executive Room at Hilton Prague

It came with a shape, which I’m not really used to from hotels. Upon entering, there’s the wardrobe to the right and the bathroom to the left. Following is the room itself, which is quite small, even for European city hotels.

Hilton Prague Executive Room

The Executive Room is on the rather small side

To the left you can find the King Bed, which comes with two bedside tables. To the right there’s the TV board with a flat screen.

Further by the window, you can find the working desk, which comes with a very nice ergonomic chair.

Hilton Prague Executive Room

View of the river

Here’s where things get interesting as the working desk is located in a circular area with a circular window. It’s also worth noting that the views of the river are quite nice.

Bathroom at Hilton Prague

While the room as such was not the most modern or stylish, it was still in a good condition. So was the bathroom, which surprisingly comes with a shower and a bathtub.

Hilton Prague Executive Room

Bathroom of the Executive Room

Neither the toilet nor the shower are detached and there’s just a single sink, but the bathroom is by no means bad for a city hotel. As it’s the norm for Hilton hotels, Hilton Prague also offers Peter Thomas Roth toiletries.

While the bathroom was absolutely fine at first, it is the area where the problems got serious in the following hours. Not only did I recognize that the room was indeed a smoking and not a non-smoking room as requested in the evening (the towels totally smelled like smoke), but there was no water at all on the second day.

Hilton Prague Executive Room

Toiletries at Hilton Prague

And with no water I don’t only mean no water for tooth brushing or taking a shower, but also not for the toilet. While I was told about this problem, the water stopped running well before the mentioned time.

Executive Lounge at Hilton Prague

Hilton Prague comes with quite a big Executive Lounge made up of a couple of different rooms.

Hilton Prague Executive Lounge

Executive Lounge at Hilton Prague

Most parts of the lounge only offer interior views and the style is not very modern, but the seating itself (there are some dining tables, but also nice relaxation areas) is absolutely decent.

While I was told that the offerings in terms of food and beverages are quite good, I was rather disappointed. There are some snacks during the day, some cake in the afternoon and a small cold buffet with some hot convenience food in the evening.

The alcohol selection of the Executive Lounge at Hilton Prague is cheap and the service is sloppy. Yet, there was something that annoyed me even more.

I was watching the Champions League Final with a colleague in the lounge and the game went into overtime. Guess what? When the game hit the 115th minute we were kicked out of the lounge. You surely couldn’t have waited in another 15 to 20 minutes….

Rooftop Bar at Hilton Prague

Hilton Prague offers a very nice rooftop bar with stunning views of the city. I took advantage of a drink up there and received decent service and a good drink.

Hilton Prague Cocktails

Cocktails at the Rooftop Bar

With the prices being quite steep for Czech standards that’s the least you should expect!

Breakfast at Hilton Prague

Hilton Prague offers breakfast in the main restaurant and the Executive Lounge in the morning. While the selection in the restaurant is slightly better, it tends to be crowded at the same time.

Hilton Prague Breakfast

Breakfast in the Executive Lounge at Hilton Prague

That’s why I decided to have breakfast in the lounge. Breakfast is also where the lounge surprised me rather positively. Not only the selection, but also the quality was good.

There were a few hot options on the buffet, but you were also able to order hot options of your choice from the menu. The freshly prepared pancakes were quite good for example.

Hilton Prague Breakfast

Pancakes and other hot options can be ordered

Service was nothing to write home about, but way better than the evening before.

Gym & Pool at Hilton Prague

An area where Hilton Prague shines are the recreation facilities. There is not only a nice pool, which is relatively big and thus fine for lap swimming, but also a Jacuzzi with just the right temperature.

Hilton Prague Pool

Pool at Hilton Prague

While the area itself may not be the nicest, it is absolutely fine to lounge for an hour or so. Besides the loungers by the pool, you might also enjoy the sauna and steam bath located in the respective changing rooms.

Even more amazing than the recreation area is the gym, which is also a member club. The gym is airy, spacious and comes with modern equipment. Being a member club, the gym comes with dozens of different machines for cardio and strength training as well as a very large area with free weights.

While the gym was slightly less amazing than the one at Hilton Warsaw (where you can find a Holmes Place fitness club), it was still absolutely great for a hotel!

Bottom line Hilton Prague

It goes without saying that this stay was not my most enjoyable. From being kicked out from the lounge to a general lack of running water to an unwanted smoking room, Hilton Prague didn’t really satisfy me. I explained my frustration after the stay by E-Mail and it took less than a day for the hotel to respond. I didn’t really expect much more than one or another excuse, but instead received an extensive explanation and a full refund of my stay (which I didn’t ask for). That’s how customer service should work everywhere. That said, I’d give Hilton Prague another shot in the future as the property is okay in physical terms and offers a decent breakfast. There’s some work to be done when it comes to the service, the maintenance and the Executive Lounge, but all these are of the soft product are something that might change in the future!

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    • Hey Brad, I paid approximately 100 Euro a night. However, you can book the property a little cheaper (in the 70 Euro range) in sales 🙂

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