Airline Review: Czech Airlines (regional Economy)

After having already reviewed the Czech Airlines regional Economy in the small ATR 42, I also wanted to provide a little insight in the Czech Airlines Economy Class in the Airbus A319 aircraft. The differences are rather minor, but I found the Airbus A319 service to be slightly more enjoyable.

While I’m a fan of new experiences in special airplanes, I must not fly an ATR 42 every day.

  • Airplane: Airbus A319
  • Cabin Class: Economy
  • Daytime: Afternoon
  • Food: None
  • Seat Pitch: 30 Inch (76 Centimeter)
  • Seat Width: 17.6 Inch (45 Centimeter)

The plane is small and has a very dense configuration. The Airbus A319 of Czech Airline instead looks like the planes of most other European airlines.

Seating in the Czech Airlines regional Economy

The Czech Airlines Airbus A319 comes with a typical 3-3 configuration with cloth seats.

Czech Airlines Airbus A319

Cabin in the Czech Airlines Airbus A319

While the seat design might not be of everyone’s taste, I liked the idea to not just use boring black or grey seats like most other airlines.

All seats come with a makasser, which also has a special design and reads Czech Airlines. I also liked the fact that the seats have an adjustable headrest, something you don’t find too often on short haul flights.

Czech Airlines Airbus A319

Seat Pitch in the Czech Airlines Economy Class

The seat pitch is rather average, but just fine for short flights. Generally, I found that the Economy Class in the Czech Airlines Airbus A319 was in a decent shape.

Catering in the Czech Airlines regional Economy

Czech Airlines has a buy-on-board concept on all flights. Neither water nor coffee or tea are included in Economy Class. See my other review for more information on the catering on Czech Airlines flights.

Entertainment in the Czech Airlines regional Economy

The Czech Airlines Airbus A319 offers a slightly better entertainment than the small turboprop airplanes. This is due to the fact that these planes got overhead monitors with information about the flight.

There’s also a board magazine with some interesting articles. Definitely nothing to write home about, but entertainment in the Czech Airlines Economy Class is not too bad either.

Bottom line Czech Airlines regional Economy

As mentioned in the intro, I found the Airbus A319 of Czech Airlines to be slightly more enjoyable than the ATR 42. Nevertheless, Czech Airlines is on the bottom end of carriers in Europe as the airplanes (especially the turboprops) are relatively old, no complimentary catering is offered and the seat pitch being average at best. The seats are comfortable enough and the crews were reasonably friendly, but that’s it basically. If there’s no alternative, Czech Airlines is not bad. Yet, I definitely wouldn’t go out of way to fly Czech Airlines again.

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