Looking Back

I hope you are all doing well and keep on enjoying our content! This week was a little more quiet compared to the prior weeks, but we still released quite a lot of content! If you missed anything, be sure to check out our look back!

Hilton Dresden

We’ve started the week with impressions of Hilton Dresden!

Sofitel Wellington Superior Room

This was followed up by our extensive hotel review of Sofitel Wellington!

Czech Airlines Airbus A319

We’ve also relased a new Czech Airlines review, this time of the Airbus A319 Economy!

Running in Antwerp

Sports in mind? We also got a new running guide featuring (rainy) Antwerp!

Bus Bengaluru

Yet another guide about transportation in Bengaluru followed up!

Hilton Cardiff Executive Room

Some more new impressions of a Hilton property followed! Here’s Hilton Cardiff!

Train Travel in the Netherlands

Interested in train travel or the Netherlands? Then you should check out this guide!

Cardiff Bay

Impressions of beautiful Cardiff in Wales!


Not to forget about our photo of the week! How do you like this week’s edition?


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