My experience with WordAds

I’ve been asked about my experience with WordAds quite a few times now and wanted to share with you, how advertisement on traveluxblog works and what you can earn with WordAds!

You might have already recognized that we’ve got a small ad in the bottom of all our articles (directly above the comments). This square ad should usually shows something travel related or anything related to your personal browsing history.


This ad is provided by WordAds, the ad program of WordPress. As a long-term client of WordPress, we decided to give WordAds a try. After nearly one year of usage, I wanted to share my experience with WordAds with you!

How much do we earn with WordAds?

Ready for something absolutely depressing? Well, here you go! With nearly 30.000 hits in August 2016, we made exactly 5,69 US-Dollar. The income in the other months was not particularly better as you can see in this diagram:


Here’s how the stats looked during the same period (11/2015 was a little below 15.000 hits, 09/2016 a little below 30.000 hits):


How quick is WordAds in my experience?

Something else most readers might be interested in, is how quick the calculations of WordAds are. While they were slow in the beginning, things changed lately. To the worse. The WordAds numbers for August 2016 showed in early October 2016 and thus with a delay of more than 30 days. That’s really disappointing in my opinion.

How does WordAds calculate your earnings?

What you might see on the diagrams I’ve posted above, the number of ad impressions and actual stats is not really identical. That’s because some users (approximately 40 percent) use ad blocker and thus don’t see any ads. Moreover, the numbers of WordAds seem to be rather random as you can observe in June 2016, where more than 25.000 page hits turned out into just 2.648 ad impressions. Weird enough, the earnings in this very month were actually the highest.

Are there ways to gain more with WordAds?

In theory, there are two more options for ads with WordAds. You can have both, a large banner on top of your page and a large on to the right. However, both options are not available for the theme we are using for traveluxblog. On the one hand, I don’t really want to change the layout of traveluxblog. On the other hand, I don’t want to “spam” you with ads. That’s while we just use the single ad in the bottom of our articles, which hopefully isn’t a problem for you!

Would I describe my experience with WordAds positively?

If you think you’ll be earning tons of money with WordAds, you’re definitely wrong. Even if you got decent numbers as traveluxblog does, you’ll not earn more than a few US-Dollar a month. That’s even true if you have a highly specified focus group (e.g. travel) and readers with an above average income. I’d describe my experience with WordAds as rather average. Yet, it’s a nice idea to gain something without effort. Moreover, we on traveluxblog also earn something if you book through our affiliate links and sponsored content! That said, it’s nice to get at least something back for all the work we put into traveluxblog each day. So, thanks for your support be it through just checking out our page on a daily basis or actually booking through our affiliate links!


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  1. I have these ads too on my page and keep track of it with AdSense. Even though I don’t understand a single bit of how it actually works I managed to install it xD my page doesn’t get much views at all but I made a mistake when I started my blog by making my page a self host website. I have to use the Reader to keep in touch and when someone follows me I have to migrate them to my self host :/

    • Well, self hosting has some advantages and some disadvantages. It’s really tough to tell what’s the better way, especially taking into account all the flexibility that comes with self-hosting.

      • there is indeed a lot advantages when self hosting that’s why I wanted it, my thought was to link my to self host so I could use the WordPress app for my self hosting, I got it to work it’s just that my posts don’t show in the Reader anymore which is quite a big disadvantage 🙂

      • Indeed, the reader is a serious source of klicks for me, too. That’s especially true since I have way more than 2.000 subscribers via Leaving those “behind” would be really sad :/

      • you don’t have to leave them behind, I migrate my followers to my self host, they will not see my posts in the Reader anymore but all followers still get an email if I post something 🙂 although the reader is more accessible to other people 🙂

  2. I see. Actually, I’ ve been applying to wordads for so long. I am not yet approved because i didnt get the target number of views yet. Self hosting has many advantages but very prone to spams and bugs. I stayed with wp and just paying for my domain renewal every year. At least, the happy engineers there can protect my blog and i dont need to bother. I also have my full time job so i wont have time to solve thise bug problems.

    I am not earning yet in wp but i will always try again for me to get there. Keep going travelux! I hope I can travel a lot too. Haha..✈

    • Well, the thing with the numbers you need to get approved might be bothersome at first, but if you see our earnings, you can also see that getting approved with fewer views wouldn’t exactly make you earn any money. Anyway, I hope you’ll have the pleasure to get approved sometime soon and also that you’ll be able to travel a lot in the future 🙂

      • Thanks Moritz for your reply. Yes, I hope they will notice my application.😊 Yes.. i would love to go places too.💕

    • I feel the same as you… although I can’t make my blog all fancy and use plugins, the benefits are no hosting fees and everything is updated. That was the reason I started to use Wordads as it was a way to get a little income without having to pay for hosting. I’ve been a bit happier of late with my income via Wordads, just had my best month with $111… it all helps xxx

      • Hey Carlyon, my experience is actually getting better, too. Earnings seem to be up quite a bit. Let’s hope that it stays like that 🙂

  3. This is so helpful!!! Thank you for sharing such honest and important advice. I’m looking into upgrading my “plan” very soon, because I want to keep growing with my blog!!! So adds and affiliate marketing are definitely options once I do that… What kind of “plan” do you have with WordPress? And what would be your biggest advice for getting more viewers(in order to)start using affiliate links and the such?

    • I’ve got the most expensive “Business” plan, especially since I can use to have unlimited storage for the many pictures on traveluxblog. Getting more views is pretty tough. What you have to do is blog constantly (every day, every second day, every week, …) and also go for good search engine optimizing (that’s what I’m doing for a living in other areas). Like that, the blog will constantly grow over time 🙂

    • Yep, it’s a page. While Google AdSense is a little better, the differences are not that crazy. As that’s not exactly any source of revenue I would need, there’s no rush for me to change something. Yet, I’ll definitely change to .org sometime soon.

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    • Not as far as I’m concerned. The last result (November) is pretty similiar to what it was before (~ 5 US-Dollar per 10.000 Ad Impressions)

      • Where are your visitors from . Because i have the majority from US and others from Europe ? Does wordpress counts a visit as 2 impressions if i have 2 ads in my page ? Thank you

      • I’m quite sure that WP would count this as 2 ads (however, keep in mind that not all page impressions are also ad impressions, in fact less than half are). My visitors are quite international, but the majority is from the US, followed by Germany and other European countries. Thus, you’re ad revenue should be quite similiar to mine 😉

      • Do you have mobile visitors ? I have 99% mobile visitors so that i dont have to worry for ad blocks users and i guess this will improve my ad impressions count !

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    • Nothing new for December as of now. November was equally bad as the prior months. I’ll keep you posted as soon as there is new information available!

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  9. Thanks for the post. My only concern is that it’s slow in loading – 5% difference as per PageSpeed Test on Google. Other than that, whether it generates huge amount of money or not, having banner ads on website gives it some beauty in my opinion.

    • Thanks for you comment! That’s one of the other annoyances I’ve got with You can’t really decide which banners you want to have on your website and where as there is no customizing. Google Ads is miles ahead in this regard. I hope there’ll be changes to WP Ads sometime soon…

  10. I left my self hosted situation and now have everything on wordpress servers. couldn’t be happier. I’m a techy of 25 and the days of tweaking and updating and patching are done. Anyway, great article.

    • Thanks for the comment! Technique-wise and service-wise I’m very happy with as well, just WordAds is a little disappointing. Not only due to the low revenue, but mostly because the few customizing in terms of where to put ads etc.

  11. Great article, and a great blog! I just applied for the “Premium” plan and WordAds. Came upon your post while I was doing some research on it. Sounds a little disappointing from revenue perspective, but then again if don’t really need to do much about it and considering the effort you put into it I suppose it’s not bad. At least you get something. They will put ads anyways and you won’t get anything unless you have the “Premium” or “Business” plans with No Ads option on.

    • Indeed, it’s not too bad considering that you don’t have any effort with it. What I find the most annoying is that you can still only have one ad area (below the articles) when using certain themes. I’d really appreciate having the chance to customize the position of ads (what’s entirely possible with Google Ads etc.). So, that’s definitely something they need to work on to make WordPress Ads better!

  12. June I had 50198 impressions and I got $51. 39. July after I made some changes to increase page views my impressions have shot to 383583 but surprisingly my earnings have dropped to $48.50.. What may be the problem?

    • Most likely your new users either came from low yield markets for ads (e.g. South-East-Asia or Africa) or all had ad block. An increase of so many page impressions sounds a little weird to me to be honest…

      • My blog is quite popular because I deal with free Football Predictions (which is quite good for betting market) so there have been a rise in the number of hits daily. I upgraded to premium April and I have already 1000000 hits so my impressions are not that weird. I agree with new markets especially since am in Africa…

      • Interesting idea! Yet, it seems be to be all about where your readers are coming from. The more European / American readers you got, the more money you make through ads due to the strenght of these ad markets…

  13. I’m running wordads on my blog. I got about $9 dollars for 3000 impressions last month. My main audience is from U.S. and U.K. I do have a banner running on top. I actually bought and installed a theme form store that was designed for wordads so it has ads on top as well as on the side and bottom of posts. I only have about 7,000 views a month so far and growing. So let’s see what happens.

    I too love the service, it’s free and so hassle free but customization is definitely an issue. There are so many great plugins out there in the arena that you can grow your website in such a fantastic way but unfortunately it can’t be done. I really hope they at least allow the plugin functionality at

    • Thanks for giving this information. It’s very interesting to see how a blog with more (and bigger) banners performs compared to traveluxblog. I’d really like to try the other ads as well, but as long as the customizing isn’t properly working, that seems to be impossible. However, I must admit that the ad payments got better in the last months. Let’s see how this will develop!

  14. I just joined them recently, am looking forward to my first earnings report. I hope it will be a good one since a big portion of my traffic comes from US.

    • Usually, that should help you. My numbers for WordAds got better lately as well. I’ll have a follow-up post with the new insights soon 🙂

  15. It will be really interesting to see your latest reports. I will be starting a news site soon and WordAds and Facebook Audience Network are my monetization options. I want to host the site with I’ve built a huge social media following already (over 300,000 for and growing). I hope to have a minimum of 100,000 impressions daily.

    So, with an estimated 3,000,000 page views monthly with audiences spread across Africa, US and Europe, I don’t know what to expect.

    • Hey Celestine, the last reports were way better, but I can tell you that it really depends on where your readers are coming from. If most are Western Europe or US based, you’ll definitely have higher income than with African readers only.

      • I have signed up for WordAds, ads are showing in my blog; however there are no earning reports? How long before the reports are shown? Isn’t it on daily basis?

      • Hey Celestina. Sadly, no. The reports are on a monthly base and take some time to show up after the end of a month.

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  17. Has anyone got their November Earnings report yet? I didn’t renew my subscription and so the Ads tab has disappeared. When and how am I going to get my Earnings Report for November, 2017? And when will it be paid?

    • Hey Celestine, November is still missing, but the last months it was like 10-20 days after the end of the month (way quicker than before).

      • Okay, thanks. I’ll wait too see. Their reporting system is so bad. Ads are so bloated too, I had to discontinue. Not surprisingly, my search traffic has skyrocketed ever since.

    • Hey there, thank you for your input and the link to your review. It’s indeed interesting to see your perspective. I must say that the development of WordAds in the last months was quite good, so my perspective changed a little bit, too. I’ll definitely have an updated review of my experience online soon 🙂

  18. Thank you for the information. I’m trying to figure out the best way to generate revenue if I decide that’s what I want to do. I appreciate it!

  19. I just enabled WordAds on my site and found your site when I was searching for information about the program and an estimate of how much I’ll likely earn. Thank you for being so transparent with your earnings! It appears that I may have to put more of an effort into sponsored posts and affiliate income to really make any $$ from my blog 🙂

    • I must admit that things changed a bit lately (and I’ve already promised an update for what it’s worth, but didn’t get to it yet). These days I’m earning approximately ~ 50 USD per month with the same number of visits, so things have changed to the positive in a way 🙂 don’t get discouraged!

  20. Thanks so much for this articles. The comments section gave me alot of insight. I activated the jet pack ads today. most of my readers are from Africa but i’m still loooking forward to earn something small. Please I’ll love to ask if Jet Pack pays based on Impression? or click?

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