Hotel Review: InterContinental Mar Menor

InterContintental Mar Menor is one of only few InterContinental resorts in Europe. The hotel is located close to Alicante and Murcia inside a golf resort. While the location itself is somewhat puzzling as there is no beach or anything, the property offers an incredible value for the money. Especially if you are an InterContinental Ambassador! Read why in our extensive hotel review!

If you are looking for holidays in Spain, prices can be quite steep in summer. Not so at InterContinental Mar Menor, which offered an incredible price in the summer season.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Presidential Suite
  • Month of Stay: July

The property is located inside a gate golf community with some infrastructure (restaurants, a supermarket and such). InterContinetnal Mar Menor offers complimentary valet parking, which always is a good start.

InterContinental Mar Menor Entrance

Entrance of InterContinental Mar Menor

Yet, it was about to get even better as I was upgraded to the Presidential Suite due to my InterContinental Ambassador membership. Plus, breakfast was offered free to my companion and me. Not a bad start.

Presidential Suite at InterContinental Mar Menor

The Presidential Suite at InterContinental Mar Menor is rather just a large suite without too much fuzz. Upon entering, there is a small bathroom to the left and a wardrobe to the right.

InterContinental Mar Menor Presidential Suite

Living Room of the Presidential Suite

Following is the large living room with several different seating options. There are a couch and two armchairs next to a coffee table, a dining table with four chairs and a few other pieces of furniture.

The bedroom, which is separated from the living room by a sliding door, comes with another armchair as well as a working table.

InterContinental Mar Menor Presidential Suite

Bedroom of the Presidential Suite

I highly appreciated this one as it’s not the norm to have a proper working table in a resort. Surely, there’s also a comfortable King Bed with two bedside tables.

The Presidential Suite at InterContinental Mar Menor also comes with a nice balcony, which you can access from both rooms.

The balcony is spacious enough and comes with two chairs with another coffee table as well as a lounger.

InterContinental Mar Menor Presidential Suite

The view of the resort could have been worse

Due to the central location in the complex, you can enjoy quite a nice view of the pool and the golf courses.

Bathroom of the Presidential Suite

I’ve already mentioned the small guest bathroom, which comes with a sink and a toilet only.

InterContinental Mar Menor Presidential Suite

There’s a small guest bathroom near the entrance of the suite

More important, there’s a very big bathroom right next to the bedroom. This one also comes with an extremely spacious walk-in wardrobe, which might be heaven for ladies.

InterContinental Mar Menor Presidential Suite

The Master Bathroom is absolutely nice

The bathroom as such is also quite nice. It comes with a classical Spanish design with a focus on sand stone.

There’s a large whirlpool bathtub, a nice walk-in shower, a toilet separated by a door as well as a vanity with two sinks.

As it is the norm for InterContinental hotels, the toiletries were provided by Agraria. In the Presidential Suite of InterContinental Mar Menor you are even offered the large bottles.

Relaxation at InterContinental Mar Menor

The focus at InterContinental Mar Menor is without any doubt on relaxation. That said, there are different options available.

InterContinental Mar Menor Pool

The hotel’s main pool is incredibly big

If you are not into golf and don’t want to leave the property (which you need a car or taxi for), there are still lots of possibilities. You can find an extremely large outdoor pool and a Jacuzzi in the middle of the resort.

Both are surrounded by tons of loungers and a few Bali beds (extra charge applicable), which are ideal for sunbathing.

InterContinental Mar Menor Indoor Pool

You can also find a nice indoor pool at InterContinental Mar Menor

You can also make use of the indoor pool of InterContinental Mar Menor, which is also quite nice and a great place if you want to escape the masses.

Plus, there’s a Spa with relaxation room, sauna, steam bath, experience showers and much more. This is also free for Ambassador members, but comes with an extra charge for all other guests.

Last but not least, InterContinental Mar Menor also offers a gym with several machines for strength and cardio training. Sadly, the gym lacks atmosphere as it comes without any natural daylight.

Breakfast at InterContinental Mar Menor

Breakfast at InterContinental Mar Menor is served in the Mediterranean restaurant of the hotel.

InterContinental Mar Menor Breakfast

Breakfast at InterContinental Mar Menor is served in the Mediterranean Restaurant

There are a few tables outside, which I’d highly recommend as you can enjoy the sun and a nice atmosphere there. Meanwhile, the tables inside are somewhat lacking atmosphere in my opinion.

InterContinental Mar Menor Breakfast

The food options available are above average

The buffet itself is surprisingly good for Southern European standards. You can find a continental selection including several fresh fruits, yoghurts, mueslis, pastries, bread, cold cuts, cheeses, fish and much more.

Other than that, there are several hot options not only including eggs, sausages and such, but also sweet options like pancakes or waffles. Plus, you are able to order eggs your style for breakfast at InterContinental Mar Menor.

InterContinental Mar Menor Breakfast

You can also order eggs your style at a show kitchen

I wouldn’t necessarily say that breakfast at the hotel is great, but it’s definitely not bad either.

Food at InterContinental Mar Manor

Staying at InterContinental Mar Menor, my companion and me opted for dinner on one evening. We chose the steak house, which is actually located in another complex.

InterContinental Mar Menor Spa

Dinner in the Steak House

The service was friendly and the restaurant was relatively empty. While quite calm at the beginning, suddenly a DJ appeared and somewhat changed the atmosphere.

InterContinental Mar Menor Dinner

While the food was good, the service was just average

That aside, the dinner was quite nice. We chose the selection of different meats of the grill, which came with a side of baked potatoes. Both, quality and taste, were quite good. Even though a little pricey for Spain, the dinner was still a decent value for the money.

We also had tapas and drinks by the pool once, which were also quite good (yet pricey).

Bottom line InterContinental Mar Menor

InterContinental Mar Menor is somewhat located in the middle of nowhere. Yet, that’s the only major downside of the hotel. The Presidential Suite, while not the most modern room, is extremely cozy and offers a very nice balcony.

InterContinental Mar Menor Lobby

Personally, I would return to InterContinental Mar Menor in a heartbeat

The pools and the Spa are great if you are looking for some relaxation and the food offerings are plentiful and quite good. I was also surprised how extremely friendly and accommodating all employees at InterContinental Mar Menor were. While the property definitely isn’t the most exclusive holiday resort in Spain, the value for the money is terrific. Especially if you are an InterContinental Ambassador, you’ll love the hotel!

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