Airline Review: LATAM (long haul Economy Class)

LATAM Boeing 787

Flying from Sydney to Auckland, I had the chance to try the new LATAM long haul Economy Class in the Boeing 787. While it may sound like a weird route for flying the South American carrier, this is actually not the only so-called “fifth freedom” route operated by LATAM. Learn more about the LATAM Economy Class in our extensive airline review!

LATAM or in this instance the Chilean part of the joint-venture LAN, is based in Santiago de Chile, but has several sub-companies for local markets in South America.

  • Airplane: Boeing 787-900
  • Cabin Class: Economy (Space+)
  • Daytime: Noon
  • Food: Snack
  • Seat Pitch: 34 Inch (86 Centimeter)
  • Seat Width: 17,3 Inch (44 Centimeter)

Yet, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner airplanes you’ll find on quite a lot of long haul routes, are operated by the Chilean branch. You can fly the LATAM Economy Class on several routes to Europe (e.g. Frankfurt and Madrid), the United States (e.g. New York and Los Angeles) and Oceania (e.g. Auckland and Sydney).

LATAM Boeing 787

This is how the new LATAM livery looks like

As you’ll read in our extensive airline review, LATAM offers a more than decent product worth recommending!

Seating in the LATAM long haul Economy Class

The Boeing 787 I had the chance to try the LATAM Economy Class comes with seats in a 3-3-3 configuration.

LATAM Boeing 787 Economy Class Seating

First view of the cabin in the LATAM Boeing 787

As a oneworld Emerald member, I was able to select seats in the so-called Economy+, which is some sort of Premium Economy Class. Thus, the seats just come with more legroom and a different color scheme and don’t differentiate from the rest of Economy Class in other regards.

You’re getting served the same food etc. Nevertheless, I found the seating in the LATAM long haul Economy+ to be extremely comfortable. The seats have plenty of legroom, making even long flights very comfortable.

LATAM Boeing 787 Economy Class Seat Pitch

The seat pitch in the LATAM Economy Class+ is great

Plus, the seats are actually surprisingly modern and thus in a very good condition. The nice color scheme also makes the cabin look bright and comfortable. The seat width is average.

Catering in the LATAM long haul Economy Class

It’s worth noting that this review of the LATAM long haul Economy Class doesn’t feature the “normal” long haul catering as the fifth freedom flight from Sydney to Auckland is just approximately three hours long.

LATAM Boeing 787 Economy Class Snack

Even on the short flight, I was served a decent meal in the LATAM Boeing 787 Economy Class

Nevertheless, I was positively surprised by the offerings. Even in Economy Class, you get a pre-packaged sandwich, some sort of cake and a few crackers with cheese on this rather short flight. The sandwich might not have been out of the world, but it was actually decent for what it is.

Also, the food was served with a proper glass, which definitely isn’t the norm for the long haul Economy Class. It’s also worth noting that you can enjoy complimentary alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in the LATAM long haul Economy.

Entertainment in the LATAM long haul Economy Class

Another positive surprise in the LATMA long haul Economy Class was the entertainment system. While there were no newspapers or magazines on offer, the TV selection was actually above average.

LATAM Boeing 787 Economy Class Entertainment

The entertainment selection in the LATAM Economy Class is decent

Not only offered the screen a high definition and fast responses, but the movies and especially series available were quite rich as well. Yet, it’s worth noting that I found the screen itself to be a little small for a new Economy Class product.

Other airlines like Turkish Airlines offer way bigger screens in the long haul Economy Class. However, that’s just a minor point of criticism.

Bottom line LATAM long haul Economy Class

There have been some problems with a Plusgrade upgrade prior to my flight in the LATAM long haul Economy Class and I wasn’t exactly happy about the customer service. Leaving this aside, I’d high recommend the LATAM Economy Class.

LATAM Boeing 787 Economy Class Lavatory

The lavatories in the Boeing 787 are relatively small, but clean

The airline from Chile offers a great legroom in the Economy+ selection (it’s decent in the normal Economy Class as well), comfortable seats and a good entertainment system. The food offered on this rather short flight was quite good as well. In total, I’d definitely recommend the LATAM long haul Economy Class!

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  3. When were you able to book your space plus seats ? I have not been able to do so and was told only 48 hours prior but have been told other things by customer service. If I had a choice I would not fly LATAM. I have always been used to booking whatever seat you want right up front in the initial booking.

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    • I just called the Frankfurt office after booking and was given the choice of any space plus seat immediately due to my oneworld Emerald status. Even when calling for my gf (on a seperate booking) later on, I was gladly offered another space plus seat. I’d recommend you to give your nearest office a call 🙂


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