Airline Review: LOT Polish Airlines (domestic)

On LOT Polish Airlines domestic flights there’s no Business Class. Everybody is treated equal, which isn’t a big thing on short flights. You can read what you can expect in our extensive airline review!

A couple of weeks ago, I went for quite a crazy trip. I flew from Munich to Olsztyn with Adria Airways, from Olsztyn to Wroclaw with Sprint Air and from Wroclaw to Warsaw on LOT Polish Airlines.

  • Airplane: Bombardier Dash Q-400
  • Cabin Class: Economy
  • Daytime: Evening
  • Food: Snack
  • Seat Pitch: 30 Inch (76 Centimeter)
  • Seat Width: 18 Inch (46 Centimeter)

While I’ll review the other two airlines later, I wanted to give you an impression of the biggest of the three airlines first. LOT Polish Airlines offers quite a lot of domestic flights from Warsaw and offers a consistent service throughout these flights.

Seating in the LOT Polish Airlines domestic Economy

The seating in the LOT Polish Airlines domestic Economy Class is nothing to write home about.

Lot Economy Class

Cabin of the LOT Dash Q400 Economy Class

As nearly all flights are operated by Dash Q-400 aircrafts, you’ll find yourself in a typical 2-2 configuration. Sadly, the Dash Q-400 is a turboprop and thus rather loud aircraft, making the flights a little less comfortable than jet flights.

Yet, the cabin looks relatively modern and comfortable. You’ll find black leather seats with blue makassers. The seats are relatively comfortable as they got a decent padding.

Lot Economy Class

The seat pitch in the front row is quite good

The seat width and pitch are average, but totally fine for shorter flights.

Catering in the LOT Polish Airlines domestic Economy

With LOT being attacked by Ryanair and other competitors in Poland and thus having rather low fares, you wouldn’t expect a big service.

Lot Economy Class

Service in the LOT Economy Class

To my surpise, I was not only offered a drink, but also a chocolate bar (the classic Polish Prince Polo) on my flight from Wroclaw to Warsaw.

This might be nothing too exciting, but for a short domestic flight I was quite impressed by LOT Polish Airlines.

Entertainment in the LOT Polish Airlines domestic Economy

The LOT Polish Airlines domestic Economy isn’t exactly amazing when it comes to the entertainment offerings. There are no monitor and also neither newspapers nor magazines.

LOT Board Magazine

Board Magazine in the LOT Economy Class

Plus, there’s also no Wi-Fi on offer. What you’ll find is a board magazine, which is of decent quality.

Bottom line LOT Polish Airlines domestic Economy

Flying with LOT Polish Airlines on domestic itineraries is one of the most comfortable ways to get from one city to another in Poland (the new Express InterCity Premium First Class is quite amazing as well).

Lot Economy Class

The lavatories in the LOT Economy Class were clean

The seats are comfortable, the seat pitch is fine and the catering is suprisingly decent for such short flights. Sure, the LOT Polish Airlines domestic Economy is nothing to get excited about, but taking into account the small price tag, I can just highly recommend the airline!

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  1. I was on LOT Polish Airlines 2 weeks ago from Warsaw to Gdansk. It was a very smooth flight, hassle-free with my huge luggages and all. It is cheap & love it!

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