Special: Mount Mauganui

On our way from Auckland to Lake Taupo we chose to stop at Mount Mauganui, which is located north-east of the city centre of Tauranga. Mount Mauganui is a large lava dome which comes with both an ocean and harbour beach.

Mount Mauganui

Pathway at Mount Mauganui

While the mountain itself offered different pathways for various hikes, we decided to take the surrounding path which doesn’t cover much difference in altitude but offers spectacular views and beautiful scenery. The port of Tauranga, however, didn’t seem very interesting to us.

Mount Mauganui – Sheeps

What you will notice from most of our pictures of New Zealand. There are sheep everywhere! And considering that we were travelling through the beginning of spring in New Zealand, there were thousands and thousands of lambs too!

Mount Mauganui Lamb

Cute lamb

Mount Mauganui – Sea Lions

Not only did we see plenty of sheeps, but we also detected a few individual sea lions, which were very well hidden in the rocks and could thus hardly be seen.

Mount Mauganui Sea Lion

Spotted a baby sea lion

Mount Mauganui – Scenery

It took us almost an hour to walk along the pathway, as we continuously stopped to take pictures and to take in the amazing views. Apart from a few joggers (I was really impressed some moms would choose this route to run along with a stroller!) and other walkers it was really quiet on the mountain.

From time to time there were pathways leading to another viewpoint on the top of the hill. Due to time constraints as we still had quite some distance to cover, we didn’t climb up the mountains, but I’m sure you also have a lovely view from up there! Nevertheless, our stop at Mount Mauganui was fantastic and we enjoyed the beautiful scenery a lot as you can probably understand when taking a look at our pictures below.

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