City Guide: Wellington

Wellington is not only the capital of New Zealand, but also the southernmost capital city as well as the world’s windiest city. New Zealand’s capital is much smaller than Auckland, but has nevertheless a lot to offer!

With just about less than 400,000 residents the city is on the rather small side.Wellington Skyline Nonetheless, it hosts the Government Building, several cultural institutions and most civil service.

Botanical Garden of Wellington

To get to the Botanical Garden you can simply take the cable car from Lambton Quay, which goes up the hill and drops you off at the top of it.

Wellington Cable Car

Cable Car

From there you can enjoy one of the several pathways back down into the city. These feature different parts of the botanical garden and are definitely worth checking out!

Parliament Building in Wellington

The Wellington Parliament Buildings consist of the Parliament House, The Beehive, the Parliamentary Library and Bowen House. All differ in their design and architecture which creates somewhat of a puzzled picture when looking at it.

Harbour of Wellington

The harbour of Wellington is just located next to the rather dangerous Cook Strait. It has a length of about 11 km and is surrounded by two bays, Lambton Harbour and Evans Bay. Nearby, there is the dockland area with a few restaurants.

Wellington Museums

As the cultural capital, Wellington has a variety of museums on offer to explore the history of New Zealand and the city itself.

Cuba Street in Wellington

Cuba Street was one of the most suprising and interesting parts of our sightseeing tour. The street was named after a settler ship and resembles a bohemian kind of style. It has an overall very relaxed atmosphere.

Lots of people are spending their time here after work, enjoying some of the culinary highlights or simply indulging in the carefree atmosphere while having a casual drink at one of the colorful bars.

Mount Victoria

Mount Victoria is quite a strenous drive to get to, but definitely worth it. From the top of the mountain you enjoy an overall view of the city, the sea and the airport.


View from Mount Victoria towards Wellington

Especially shortly before dawn the lighting was extremely beautiful.

Overall impressions of Wellington

We had somehow expected a bit more of the capital of New Zealand in terms of sightseeing. Also we were quite unlucky with the weather which negatively influenced our impression of the city. Nevertheless, we explored some very nice places and enjoyed the welcoming and friendly atmosphere in the city. Stay tuned for more impressions of the city and the harbour in Moritz’ running guide!

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