Looking Back

Even though I’m still on the road, this week was a little calmer on traveluxblog. Nevertheless, we’ve got quite some new content for you and thus hope you enjoyed the “reduced” version. If you missed anything, here’s an overview!

Philippine Airlines Business Class

Flying back from Manila, I gave the Philippine Airlines Business Class a try!

SH Valencia Palace Pool

The first review of the week featured SH Valencia Palace!

Star Alliance Lounge Paris Seating

Yet another review focuses on the Star Alliance Lounge Paris!

The Gainsborough Bath Classic Room

New hotel experiences! Impressions of staying at The Gainsborough Bath!


An interesting city in New Zealand! What’s your opinion about Wellington?

Bath River Avon

Bath is a very interesting city. Here are first thoughts!

Tram Barcelona

Surely, we’ve also got a new guide for you! All about transportation in Barcelona!


Last but not least, here’s our newest photo of the week!


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