Airport Guide: Jaipur Airport

Jaipur Airport is a modern airport in the province of Rajasthan in India. The airport has one terminal and offers both, domestic and international flights.

Jaipur Airport is one of the fastest growing airports in India. Being a domestic airport without any international connects a few years ago, there are Abu Dhabi, Bangkok, Dubai, Muscat, Singapore and Sharjah nowadays.

Indigo Airbus A320

IndiGo plays a crucial role at Jaipur Airport

While no airlines has its base in Jaipur, there are also several domestic destinations, which you can reach when departing at Jaipur Airport. As of now, all flights are being checked at Terminal 2.

Most important carriers at Jaipur Airport:
  • IndiGo: flights to nine domestic destinations
  • Air India: flights to Delhi, Dubai and Mumbai
  • Air Costa: flights to Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad

Shopping and dining at Jaipur Airport

As it’s the norm for rather small airports, the shopping and dining offerings at Jaipur International Airport are rather limited. There are cafés and small shops prior security and also after security. You can also find sort of a restaurant on the second floor of the departure hall.

You can buy sandwiches and such at Jaipur Airport

You can buy sandwiches and such at Jaipur Airport

However, you shouldn’t expect any special food, but rather snacks or re-heated food. When it comes to the shopping experience at Jaipur Airport, you’ll find a limited number of shops. What you can buy at the airport is mainly press, souvenirs, books and a couple of other items.

Sleeping at Jaipur Airport

Due to the location of the Jaipur International Airport close to the city, there are a few hotels catering for passengers needing to stay over night. The Airport Sky Inn is the only airport hotel as such. The hotel got decent reviews on Tripadvisor, but only comes with two stars.

Hilton Jaipur Executive Room

Luxury hotels are only available in the city center

However, the rates are very low at around 20 Euro (~ 22 US-Dollar) per night. You can also find a couple of other properties in the same area. If you are looking for a more luxurious option, there are dozens of four and five star properties in the city, approximately 15 to 25 minutes away from the airport by taxi or Uber.

Lounges at Jaipur Airport

Since April 2014, Jaipur Airport offers a departure lounge for passengers flying in Business Class or holding a certain frequent flyer status. The lounge is called Club One Class Lounge and might be used by eligble passengers of all airlines. This includes passengers flying with Air India, Etihad Airways, Jet Airways and Oman AIr.

Transportation at Jaipur Airport

The public transportation connection between Jaipur Airport and the city center is rather average. The so-called Vayu Vajra buses connect the Airport with the city center. Sadly, there is rarely any information published about the exact schedule (buses run approximately every 30 minutes). A better option to get to the city center definitely are taxis or Uber, which should cost around 5 to 10 Euro (~ 5.50 to 11 US-Dollar) depending on where exactly you are going.


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  2. To the best of my knowledge the AC buses to the city are non volvo low floor buses. There are no local Volvo services in Jaipur ; only inter city.

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