City Guide: Bologna

Bologna is known to be a very interesting destination for tourists. That’s not only due to the rich history, but also due to the many cultural offerings and, for sure, the great food!

Sadly, I just had a single day to experience Bologna. Nevertheless, I immensely enjoyed the city due to many reasons. It’s not only that you can enjoy great food when visiting Bologna, but there’s also a lot to see.

Last but not least, the city is also very walkable, making it easier to enjoy the city just roaming through the lovely little streets.

Churches in Bologna

Honestly, I’m not a big fan of visiting churches. I feel like most churches look the same and I’m also not a huge supporter of the church as such.

Basilica Santo Stefano Bologna

Basilica Santo Stefano is a special highlight of Bologna

Nevertheless, it’s a must to check out one or another church when visiting Bologna. The most important is without any doubt Santo Stefano, but there are also a couple of more interesting buildings.

Even if you just step by to take a picture of the building, it’s worth it. Plus, you won’t have any problems finding churches in Bologna as there are just so many.

Piazza Maggiore in Bologna

Yet, it’s not only the churches that make Bologna look shiny. The whole area around Piazza Maggiore is filled with highlights.

Palazza Communale Bologna 3

There are several stunning buildings in the approximate of Piazza Maggiore

You can find dozens of buildings dating back to the Medieval Ages and also stunning architecture from later ages. It’s not really about special buildings (even though the Fountain of Neptune is a highlight), but rather about the whole area around Piazza Maggiore.

Surely, it’s also worth popping into one of the many (overpriced) restaurants at Piazza Maggiore as sitting on the sqaure is just truly amazing and gives you a real feel of Italy.

The Two Towers in Bologna

You might have wondered why I didn’t get to speak about the Two Towers, yet? Well, it’s easy. You just can’t miss them, so I don’t need to explain those as a highlight.

Towers of Bologna

The Two Towers are a real highlight, yet tough to take pictures of

Yet, the Two Towers are definitely worth checking out. Even though it’s tough taking a picture, it’s great to admire the architecture, which dates backs to the 12th century, nevertheless.

The Two Towers are actually only a part of the whole structure, but they are by far the most prominent one. Sadly, many of the former structures also don’t exist until today anymore.

Why it is worth visiting Bologna

I’ve just been to Bologna for a couple of hours, but the city was a great spot to enjoy nevertheless. Why? Because Bologna has a certain vibe and also gives you an impression of the relaxed Italian lifestyle. Not to forget about the incredible food and the very friendly people.

When it comes to tourism, the city itself is great for just strolling around for a day or two. All highlights are more or less in the imediate city center, making it easy to see everything in a couple of hours!

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