Looking Back

Affected by the Lufthansa strike and laying down for a day due to illness, this week was a little challenging. Nevertheless, we’ve released a couple of new posts and hope that you enjoyed our content as usual!

The Marker Dublin

The week started with first impressions of The Marker Dublin!

Hilton Graden Inn Istanbul Golden Horn King Evolution Room

Next was our weekly hotel review. This time featuring Hilton Garden Inn Istanbul Golden Horn!

Dublin Castle

We’ve also released our first impressions of the Irish capital Dublin!

Executive Lounge Dublin Buffet

Shortly followed by impressions of the Executive Lounge Dublin T2!

Etihad Airways Business Class Boeing 787 Seat

One of the highlights of the week definitely was the Etihad Airways Business Class Review!

Erste Premier Lounge Prague Seating

Another new review features the Erste Premier Lounge in Prague!

Statue Bologna

If you are more into cities, we’ve also got new content on this front with our Bologna City Review!


Last but not least, we released our new photo of the week!


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    • Thank you for the good wishes! It was pretty much just one bad and one half-bad day and afterwards everything was already. A little sad that I wasn’t able to go running in Madrid, but you can’t have it all 🙂

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