Airport Guide: Copernicus Airport Wroclaw

Copernicus Airport Wroclaw is the only airport of the Polish city Wroclaw. The airport is quite modern and offers a comfortable experience. If you have any questions about the airport, you’ll find the answers in our extensive airport guide!

More than two million passengers use the Copernicus Airport Wroclaw each year. Over the last ten years, the airport grew immensely. All passengers arrive and depart at the same (modern) terminal, making travelling at the Copernicus Airport Wroclaw very easy. As it seems to be the norm for most Polish airports, the low-cost carriers Ryanair and Wizz Air are the most significant airlines serving Wroclaw.

Most important carriers at Copernicus Airport Wroclaw:
  • Ryanair (dozens of destinations in Europe)
  • Wizz Air (several destinations in Europe)
  • Enter Air (several seasonal charter destinations)

Shopping and dining at Copernicus Airport Wroclaw

You should be aware that Copernicus Airport Wroclaw is a relatively small airport and thus might be not a shopping paradise. While there are a couple of shops, the focus is on things for daily use. This means that you can buy souvenirs, newspapers, magazines, books, electronic articles and groceries.

Wroclaw Airport

There are several shops at Wroclaw Airport

Shops are located landside and airside. The same is true for the restaurants, bars and cafés at Copernicus Airport Wroclaw. You won’t have a probem finding a place serving you snacks and light meals, but there’s no formal restaurant as such at the airport in Wroclaw.

Sleeping at Copernicus Airport Wroclaw

As the Copernicus Airport Wroclaw is relatively small, there are not many places where you could get some shut-eye. While the airport is open during the night, it’s not exactly a safe and comfortable place to spend the night. Check out this page for more information about sleeping at the airport. Sadly, there’s also no propert airport hotel in Wroclaw.

Platinum Palace Wroclaw Standard Room

Luxury hotels are available in the city center of Wroclaw

All hotels are located a few kilometers away from the airport with Dom Kosmonauty and Hotel Terminal (both three star properties) being the closest options. However, you might also sleep in the city, where you can not only find more, but also better hotels. Generally, prices for hotels in Wroclaw are rather low.

Lounges at Copernicus Airport Wroclaw

Even though Wroclaw Airport mainly caters low-cost passengers, there’s an airport lounge. The so-called Executive Lounge is used by all airlines departing from Copernicus Airport Wroclaw and is also open for walk-in guests. You might also access the lounge when holding a membership with Priority Pass or similiar programs.

Executive Lounge Wroclaw

The Executive Lounge Wroclaw has a very nice interior

Other than that, access is granted to passengers holding Business Class tickets or a frequent flyer status allowing lounge access. The Exeuctive Lounge Wroclaw is a modern and nice place to spend some time as I experienced first hand. The buffet is a little lackluster, but other than that the lounge definitely is recommendable.

Transportation at Copernicus Airport Wroclaw

There’s a direct bus connection from Copernicus Airport Wroclaw to the city center with 106. The bus operates every 20 minutes and takes approximately 40 minutes. During the night, there’s also a night bus with the number 206. The timetable for both routes is available online.

Bus Wroclaw

The bus to the city center is recommendable

The price for the bus is very cheap with just 3 PLN (~ 0.70 Euro / 0.75 US-Dollar) each way. You might also use a taxi (all with taximeter, but be aware of scams) for a charge of approximately 50 PLN (~ 11 Euro / 12 US-Dollar), lowering your journey time to the city center to just 20 to 25 minutes. For more information about transportation in Wroclaw, we recommend checking out our transportation guide!


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