Hotel Review: Hyatt Regency DFW

Having an early departure to Tokyo, I decided to stay at Hyatt Regency DFW, one of the airport properties connected to the terminal. While I didn’t expect too much of the property, the Hyatt Regency DFW is exactly what you’d expect. Learn more in our extensive review.

Hyatt Regency DFW is one of several airport hotels at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport. There’s also a Grand Hyatt, but as this property came with a steep premium, I opted for the Hyatt Regency DFW.

  • Classification: Four Stars
  • Room Category: Standard Room
  • Month of Stay: April

While the hotel is directly located to one of the terminals through a parking lot, there’s also a complimentary shuttle to all terminals every 20 minutes. Sadly, the check-in was quite a mess as there were several stranded passengers. Thus, it took some time until I hold the keys in my hand.

Standard Room at Hyatt Regency DFW

I had booked a Standard Room for my stay at Hyatt Regency DFW and was assigned one with a tarmac view (well, in the distance).

Hyatt Regency DFW Standard Room

Standard Room at Hyatt Regency DFW

The standard rooms at Hyatt Regency DFW are rather basic, but come with a refreshed design. In this case, there were two Queen Beds with a bedside table in-between, a working desk with a proper office chair, an additional rather random looking chair as well as an early generation flat-screen television.

What you can also find in the standard rooms at Hyatt Regency DFW is a wardrobe together with a pressing board. I appreciated the fact that there are also coffee and tea making facilities.

Hyatt Regency DFW Standard Room

The view of the tarmac in the distance is quite nice

The view is decent enough with planes in the distance, but there’s also a downside of the view as the room is not exactly soundproof.

Bathroom of the Standard Room

As you’d expect at an American airport hotel, Hyatt Regency DFW offers rather basic bathrooms in the standard rooms. In this case, the sink is separated from the main bathroom by a door, which is a rather weird set-up.

At least, there’s plenty of storage next to the sink. The “main” bathroom is on the small side and comes with a shower-tub combo as well as a toilet. The shower pressure could be a little better in my opinion.

Pool & Gym at Hyatt Regency DFW

Hyatt Regency DFW offers its guests complimentary access to a gym and a pool. The pool is located on the ground floor and, to my surprise, outdoor.

The temperature is decent enough and the pool is also okay for some relaxed swimming. There are also a couple of loungers, but due to the noise the pool area is not exactly a place to spend your free time. Sadly, the gym is not a very inviting place either.

Offering no daylight, the whole area looks rather depressing. The gym as such is well equipped with tons of cardio machines as well as strength machines and a couple of free weights. While not the most modern, the machines are in a decent condition.

Bottom line Hyatt Regency DFW

As I had an early departure and went to a nearby mall (there’s a shuttle for a charge) in the evening, I didn’t have the chance to try the food offerings at Hyatt Regency DFW. Yet, in all other areas Hyatt Regency DFW was exactly the property I expected.

Hyatt Regency DFW Washing Machine

You might also get your washing done at Hyatt Regency DFW

There is nothing special about this hotel, but the rooms are decent with a relatively modern flair (leaving aside the bathrooms), the pool is fine for a quick dip in the water and the gym is well equipped for your typical workout. If you are having an early departure or late arrival in DFW, you definitely won’t go wrong with choosing the Hyatt Regency DFW!

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