Airport Guide: Alicante-Elche Airport

Alicante-Elche Airport is one of the biggest airports in Spain. The airport has a strong focus on touristic routes and thus is mainly served by charter and low-cost airlines.

Alicante-Elche Airport grew immensely in the last years and nowadays is the sixth biggest airport in Spain, serving more than 10 million passengers a year. It is located between Alicante and Elche, less than 100 kilometers away from Murcia and Valencia. The new terminal, which was inaugurated in 2011, today is the only terminal of the airport, offering 40 gates including 15 jet bridges. As it is the norm for airports with a focus on leisure routes, the biggest airlines are charter and low-cost airlines.

Most important carriers at Alicante-Elche Airport:
  • Ryanair: dozens of destinations in Europe
  • easyJet: several destinations in Europe
  • Vueling: several destinations in Spain and Europe

Shopping and dining at Alicante-Elche Airport

With the new terminal opening in 2011, Alicante-Elche Airport got a way more interesting destination for those who like shopping at the airport. Landside as well airside you can find dozens of shops at the airport, offering souvenirs, fashion, gifts, press and much more.

Alicante-Elche Airport

There are many dining options at Alicante-Elche Airport

There are also several options when it comes to dining. Due to the leisure focus, there are no restaurants as such, but rather cafés and bars as well as fast food options. Yet, you’ll definitely find a place of your liking either before or after security.

Sleeping at Alicante-Elche Airport

Theoretically, it is possible to sleep on-site at the airport. Yet, there are no sleeping areas as such. For more information about sleeping at the airport, visit With Alicante-Elche Airport being located just a couple of kilometers away from Alicante and Elche, there are no airport hotels as such. However, you can find a couple of hotels and boardinghouses relatively close to the airport.

InterContinental Mar Menor Presidential Suite

You might also spent the night at a holiday resort

The most obvious option for staying close to the airport would be Hotel Areca, which is a four star property just 2.5 kilometers away from the airport. However, it doesn’t really make a difference whether you are staying close to the airport or in Alicante as you’ll be able to reach the airport in 15 to 20 minutes anyways.

Lounges at Alicante-Elche Airport

Even though being a relatively big airport with more than 10 million passengers, Alicante-Elche Airport just offers a single VIP Lounge. This is also due to the heavy leisure focus of the airport. Sala VIP Ifach is located airside in the middle of the terminal and thus allows you to reach each gate in a couple of minutes.

Sala VIP Ifach Alicante

Sala VIP Ifach is a surprisingly nice lounge

I’ve personally visited the lounge and liked the modern design as well as the decent buffet. If you want to enter the VIP Lounge at Alicante-Elche Airport, you need to either hold a Business Class ticket, a certain frequent flyer status or Priority Pass. You may also pay at the door (~ 20 Euro / 21 US-Dollar).

Transportation at Alicante-Elche Airport

Alicante-Elche Airport is reachable by car easily. Yet, public transportation is not very well developed. There are three regional bus lines of importance: Line 1A and 1B connect the airport with Elche and Arenales de Sol (only 1B) for 1.50 Euro (~ 1.60 US-Dollar) per way and usually run every hour. Line C-6 connects the airport with Alicante for 3.85 Euro (~4.10 US-Dollar) every twenty minutes. Moreover, there are several intercity bus lines offering connections to Benidorm, Calpe, Murcia and other cities. You might also take a taxi to Alicante or Elche, which should set you back approximately 15 Euro (~ 16 US-Dollar).


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