Hotel Review: InterContinental Sydney

InterContinental Sydney is one of the coolest InterContinental hotels of the world. Why? Because there’s one feature that makes the property just amazing. Learn more in our extensive hotel review.

Prices at InterContinental tend to be rather elevated. You also shouldn’t speculate for an upgrade as there are dozens of different categories. There are even several different views with the one of the Harbor Bridge and the Opera House being the best (and most expensive).

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Executive Eastern Harbour View Room
  • Month of Stay: September

But let’s get started with the actual hotel review. InterContinental Sydney is located close to the harbor and not far away from the city center and all touristic attractions of Sydney either. Especially for a touristic stay, there’s rarely a better location in Sydney.

InterContinental Sydney Executive Eastern Harbour View Room

Eastern Harbour View Room at InterContinental Sydney

The whole check-in experience in the lobby with its historic touches marks an amazing start to a stay at InterContinental Sydney. Being an InterContinental Ambassador, I was given a single upgrade to a Club Room with a side view of the harbor.

Eastern Harbor View Room at InterContinental Sydney

Club Rooms at InterContinental Sydney come with two major advantages: Access to the hotel’s exclusive lounge on the top-floor and a room on a higher floor.

InterContinental Sydney Executive Eastern Harbour View Room

The room wasn’t very spacious, but recently refurbished

The room itself is everything but special. Upon entering, there’s the bathroom to the left and the main room straight ahead. There’s also a wardrobe to the right. The room itself comes with a very comfortable King Bed with two bedside tables, a working desk with an ergonomic chair, a couch and sort-of another couch by the window.

The room design is quite nice and makes it obvious that a refreshment must have been done a couple of years ago. What’s especially amazing about the Eastern Harbor View Rooms is the nice view of the park, the sea and the city.

Just relaxing by the window and looking out of the window is an enjoyable thing to do at InterContinental Sydney. Another positive aspect of the room is the complimentary Nespresso coffee machine, which you can also order fresh milk through room service.

Bathroom of the Eastern Harbor View Room

The bathroom of the Eastern Harbor View Room instead is disappointing. Not only is it very small by layout, but it also doesn’t feel any luxurious.

There’s a single sink without a lot of storage, a toilet and an old-fashioned shower-tub combo with a shower curtain. Not exactly the kind of bathroom I adore. At least, the bathroom was very clean and the shower came with a decent pressure.

InterContinental Sydney Executive Eastern Harbour View Room

The toiletries are provided by Agraria as it is the norm for InterContinental

As it’s the norm for InterContinental properties, the toiletries were provided by Agraria.

Pool & Gym at InterContinental Sydney

InterContinental Sydney offers its guests a gym and a pool on a complimentary basis. Both are located on the second highest floor and thus offer an incredible view of the city.

InterContinental Sydney Pool

Pool at InterContinental Sydney

Nevertheless, I wasn’t exactly impressed as the pool is relatively cold and the whole area is just not very inviting. The pool is just fine for a little dip, but the loungers provided wouldn’t be the first place I’d like to spend my time at.

InterContinental Sydney Pool

The pool area lacks atmosphere

The pool area is also rather dark as the windows are only very small. The gym on the other hand is operated by a third party and feels very cramped. While there are many machines, the whole gym feels rather claustrophobic due to the many machines.

Plus, there are not many spots, where you could enjoy the view. Also, the machines are not exactly modern and you are watched by an attendant all the time (which I don’t like).

Club InterContinental at InterContinental Sydney

After some negative things, it’s time to get to the one and only real highlight at InterContinental Sydney: The Club Lounge. Located on the highest floor, the whole lounge offers incredible views of Sydney and the bay.

InterContinental Sydney Club

The Club InterContinental is large and airy

Be it the Harbor Bridge or the Opera House, the Executive Lounge allows incredible views of pretty much everything. Plus, there’s even a terrace to enjoy the views even more.

The whole interior is modern and inviting and the lounge as such is also just extremely spacious. You’ll not only find several different seating areas, but also a working area and conference rooms.

InterContinental Sydney Club View

View of the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House

By the interior alone, the Executive Lounge at InterContinental Sydney is stunning.

Catering in the Club InterContinental Sydney

The views are the highlight of the Executive Lounge at InterContinental Sydney, but the catering comes very close to that.

During the day, the buffet comes with fruits and snacks

During the day, the buffet comes with fruits and snacks

I’ve seen many Executive Lounges and there are rarely any that can beat the offerings at InterContinental Sydney.

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During the day, there’s a menu with complimentary items from the kitchen you can order in addition to a buffet with snacks and drinks. I took advantage of this twice and was amazed by the quality of the food.

In the evenings, there’s a large buffet with pre-dinner snacks including oysters and two hot options, which are freshly prepared and brought to your table.

That said, the service at the lounge is especially worth a mention as you are treated extremely well and are pretty much served everything by your table. That’s the real art of luxury.

Breakfast in the Club InterContinental Sydney

While you can also enjoy breakfast in the restaurant, I decided to enjoy the first meal of the day with a stunning view of the harbor.

InterContinental Sydney Breakfast

You can enjoy breakfast with a view at InterContinental Sydney

While you’d expect a small buffet in the lounge, InterContinental Sydney offers everything you might be looking for. There’s even an extensive menu with hot options, which I took advantage of by ordering a very good egg-white omelet.

Meanwhile, the buffet had everything from fresh fruits to yoghurts to pastries to mueslis and much more. And then there are the views… you can’t get started better into the day than with a breakfast at InterContinental Sydney!

Bottom line InterContinental Sydney

When I’m thinking back of my stay at Intercontinental Sydney, I just have positive memories. That’s kind of funny as neither the pool nor the gym nor the room were especially spectacular. Sure, the lobby is great and the check-in was very friendly, but that’s usually not enough.

InterContinental Sydney Club Dinner

The phenomenal Club Lounges makes InterContinental Sydney a stunning hotel

Thus, it’s easy to say what made my stay at InterContinental Sydney that great: The incredible club lounge. That said, I’d highly recommend InterContinental Sydney if you book a Club Room. Thus, if you don’t have Club Access, I’m not sure whether you’ll be amazed by your stay at InterContinental Sydney.

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