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“Born” in 2014, traveluxblog is growing older each day. This is already our third Year in Review here on traveluxblog. Thus, we decided to mix things up a little bit!

This year, we want to present our personal highlights of 2016. This means that you’ll find the most amazing hotel we stayed at, the nicest lounge we’ve visited and the best airline we flew with! Also, we want to present the city that impressed us the most!

The best hotel in 2016 – Ponta dos Ganchos Resort

This year, I’ve personally stayed at more than 50 different hotels including several incredibly luxurious places, but none of those properties came close to Ponta dos Ganchos Resort.

Ponta dos Ganchos Esmeralda Villa

The member of The Leading Hotels of the World offers private villas with stunning views, an incredibly luxurious interior and private pools. There’s also a private beach, a seven-course breakfast menu and amazing cuisine during the day and in the evening. You want to read more about this stunning experience? Well, you should defintiely check out our review!

The best hotels in 2016 – more highlights

We don’t want to just name one amazing property, but instead give you an idea of other hotels, which also amazed us in the last year. Here’s an overview:

The best lounge in 2016 – Etihad First Class Lounge Abu Dhabi

Only this year, Etihad Airways opened a new lounge at Abu Dhabi Airport. The new Etihad Airways First Class Lounge Abu Dhabi really sets new standards. I had the pleasure to enjoy the lounge not once, but twice.

Etihad Airways First Class Lounge Abu Dhabi Bar

Yet, I still need to test the lounge’s restaurant. However, the interior, the service and the facilities make the Etihad First Class Lounge Abu Dhabi one of the best lounges on this planet. It’s not long till you can read an extensive review here on traveluxblog!

The best lounge in 2016 – more highlights

There are some other lounges, which were a true highlight for different reasons. Here are three other lounges, which you should definitely check out:

The best airline in 2016 – Etihad Airways

This category is an especially tough one as I flew a couple of interesting Business Class products this year. The really best one anyways was the Etihad Airways Business Class in the Boeing 787 and the Airbus A380.

Etihad Airways Business Class Boeing 787 Lunch

Not only does the cabin look stunning, but the service was also beyond amazing. I highly doubt there is anyone who doesn’t agree on how great the new Etihad Airways Business Class is. If you can’t get enough, check out our review of the Boeing 787 and the Airbus A380!

The best airline in 2016 – more highlights

Why did I have such a hard time to choose a winner? Well, because there were some other business class products I found quite nice including the following:

The best city in 2016 – Sydney

It’s always challenging to name the “best” city as there is no such thing as a superior city. Yet, judging from personal perspective, I was most amazed by Sydney. That’s true especially due to the incredibly many things you can do while visiting Sydney.

Sydney Skyline

Even if you don’t like to be in the city after a few days anymore, you can easily hop on one of the ferries to enjoy the nature or one of the many beaches. And then there are also the Blue Mountains. If you want to explore Sydney with us, here’s our review!

The best city in 2016 – more highlights

This year, I’ve also been to several other cities on all continents. My other personal favourites include the following:

  • Rio de Janeiro (review to follow)
  • Tokyo (review to follow)
  • Valencia (review to follow)

2016 on traveluxblog – Bottom Line

I’m also having a hard time figuring out, which travel impressions were actually the most amazing. Having been away for way more than 100 days this year, visiting dozens of different countries and even more cities, flying dozens of different airlines and staying at more than 50 hotels in the process, I’ve experienced incredible service, friendliness and warmth at different places all over the world.

There are millions of amazing places to disover

What’s really the essence of this post is that you can find a great place on all continents if you are just looking closely. I might be able to name the “best” airline, hotel, lounge or city, but there are hundreds of more highlights out there. I’m looking forward to taking you with me on our journey next year and can’t wait to start with lot’s of new content tomorrow!


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