Hotel Review: Hilton Lake Taupo

Hilton Lake Taupo is a rather special Hilton property in New Zealand. The property is somewhat in between an apartment hotel, a holiday property and a motel. Nevertheless, we enjoyed our time at the hotel as the suite we were assigned was gorgeous.

Touring through New Zealand, Hilton Lake Taupo was quite an obvious choice for a stop between Auckland and Wellington on the North Island of New Zealand.

  • Classification: Four Stars
  • Room Category: One Bedroom Apartment
  • Month of Stay: September

The property is located approximately one kilometer away from Lake Taupo. Sadly, there is no real pathway to the lake, making it tough to reach it without a car. At least, there is free self-parking at the property, making it easy and convenient to arrive by car. Upon pulling up in the evening, there was not really anybody around, so we just walked over to reception, where we were welcomed and given our room keys.

One Bedroom Apartment at Hilton Lake Taupo

I’m not a big fan of apartment hotels to be honest. I usually find the apartment to be not very accommodating.

Hilton Lake Taupo One Bedroom Apartment

Living Room of the One Bedroom Suite

Yet, the One Bedroom Apartment we were upgraded to at Hilton Lake Taupo totally hits the spot. While it’s a little weird that you have to walk an outside pathway to get to the apartment buildings, I was totally happy upon entering.

Hilton Lake Taupo One Bedroom Apartment

Bedroom of the One Bedroom Apartment

The One Bedroom Apartment at Hilton Lake Taupo comes with one large room with a combination of a kitchen, a living and a dining room.

There’s everything you need from a fully equipped kitchen to a dining table to a comfortable couch.Separated by a sliding door, there’s the bedroom with a comfortable bed and two bedside tables and a working desk.

The One Bedroom Apartment also comes with a big balcony and another table for four. The view of the lake in the distance is also quite nice.

Hilton Lake Taupo One Bedroom Apartment

Balcony of the One Bedroom Apartment

The same is true for the design and the furniture, which make the One Bedroom Apartment at Hilton Lake Taupo very homely.

Bathroom of the One Bedroom Apartment

The bathroom of the One Bedroom Apartment is located next to the bedroom and comes with a double sink with tons of storage room, a toilet, a walk-in shower and a large bathtub.

Hilton Lake Taupo One Bedroom Apartment

Bathroom of the One Bedroom Apartment

While the design is a little plain, the equipment is in a good condition. With the apartment being that large, I would have hoped for the toilet to be separated from the bathroom.

Nevertheless, I found the bathroom to be quite nice for a Hilton property. As usual, the toiletries were provided by Peter Thomas Roth.

Room Service Dinner at Hilton Lake Taupo

After a long drive, we opted for room service rather than checking out the restaurant or the bar of Hilton Lake Taupo. We decided to have the hamburger and some mash (sometimes you feel like eating weird combinations).

Hilton Lake Taupo Room Service

Room Service at Hilton Lake Taupo

While the mash and the French fries were nothing to write home about, the hamburger was surprisingly good. The only thing that upset me a little bit is that the property is selling a so-called “movie package”, but doesn’t come up with alternatives if the choices are not available.

Hilton Lake Taupo Room Service

The hamburger with fries was quite good

Thus, we had to pay extra for “renting” a DVD, which I found a little weird for an upscale hotel.

Breakfast at Hilton Lake Taupo

Another downside of staying at Hilton Lake Taupo is breakfast. Leaving aside our spontaneous stay at the horrible ibis styles Invercargill (review to follow later), the breakfast at Hilton Lake Taupo was the most underwhelming of the whole trip.

Hilton Lake Taupo Breakfast

Breakfast Buffet at Hilton Lake Taupo

Not only was the restaurant not very well heated, but the staff was also everything but motivated. The buffet also left a lot to be desired with just a few different slices of toast, some pastries, a few cold cuts, some fruits and a few hot options available.

Truth to be told, the quality was only average as well. Worst of all, the management came up with the idea to charge extra for coffee specialties (everything but black coffee).

Pool & Gym at Hilton Lake Taupo

I’ve already mentioned that the set-up of Hilton Lake Taupo is rather weird. The pool and the gym for example are located across the apartment buildings.

While the gym is in an extra building, the pool is outdoors. To my surprise, it is not too cold to swim. It might not be “warm” in any way, but it’s usable even in winter. If you are a fan of hot water, you might also jump in the adjacent jacuzzi.

The gym at Hilton Lake Taupo is a little too small for my taste, but the equipment is modern and it’s at least a decent place for cardio training.

Bottom line Hilton Lake Taupo

I’m not exactly sure what to think about Hilton Lake Taupo. As a HH Diamond member, the value for the money is great as the property usually is rather cheap. Plus, the apartments are great.

Hilton Lake Taupo Pool

Hilton Lake Taupo is no ordinary Hilton, but a nice place to stay

At the same time, I wasn’t exactly pleased by the breakfast and also didn’t like the many charges, which come for pretty much everything. Anyways, I’d generally recommend staying at Hilton Lake Taupo if you are looking for a decent choice in a strategic location.

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