Airport Guide: Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is the biggest airport in the Netherlands and is also one of the biggest airports in the whole of Europe. Being the main hub for KLM, the airport plays an important role.

With more than 55 million passengers a year, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is one of the most important air traffic hubs in Europe. The airport comes with a total of six runways, but just one terminal with three halls and eight piers.

KLM Boeing 777

KLM is the biggest carrier at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

The by far most important airline at the airport is the Dutch national carrier KLM. The two low-cost carriers Transavia (subsidiary of Air France / KLM) and easyJet also offer dozens of different destinations from Amsterdam.

Most important carriers at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport:
  • KLM (more than 100 destinations on five continents)
  • easyJet (dozens of destinations in Europe)
  • Transavia (dozens of destinations in Europe)

Shopping and dining at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

As it is the norm for major airports like Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, there is an extensive infrastructure consisting of shops and restaurants. You can find large food and shopping courts landside, but also a rich infrastructure in the different halls and piers of the terminal. Depending on where you are departing, you can find different styles of shops.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

There are dozens of shops and restaurants at the airport

Especially the section mainly serving long haul destinations comes with good restaurants and boutiques. The other concourses come with typical airport infrastructure consisting of news and books, duty free, souvenir and fashion shops. You also won’t have any problems finding the dining option of your choice as there is pretty much everything at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

Sleeping at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

According to, it is possible to sleep at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport overnight. Yet, you need to have a boarding pass to stay in the airport building from 12 am to 4 am in the morning. Plus, there seem to be few comfortable places to get some rest. Thus, we recommend thinking about a hotel stay at the airport. Both, Mercure Schiphol Airport and YOTELAIR are located in the security area (airside). Other options include the Hilton, the Sheraton and the citizenM, all in walking distance of the airport. If you are looking for cheaper options, there are also several other hotels around Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, some even offering a free shuttle service.

Lounges at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Even though Amsterdam Schniphol Airport is quite large, there are not too many different lounges. The two largest lounges are operated by KLM. The KLM Crown Lounge 25 is located in the Schengen Area, while the KLM Crown Lounge 52 is located in the Non-Schengen Area.

KLM Crown Lounge Amsterdam

The KLM Crown Lounges in Amsterdam are decent

We’ll release a review of both lounges shortly. The only other airline operating a lounge at Amsterdam Schiphol is British Airways. Besides that, there are two Aspire Lounges, which are used by all other airlines and may also be accessed with Priority Pass.

Overview of all lounges at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport:

  • Aspire Lounge 26: $, PP, several airlines
  • Aspire Lounge 41: $, PP, several airlines
  • KLM Crown Lounge 25: SkyTeam Business and First Class & frequent flyers
  • KLM Crown Lounge 52: SkyTeam Business and First Class & frequent flyers

Transportation at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is very well connected with Amsterdam and other cities in the Netherlands and other European countries. The airport got its own train stations with connections to all bigger cities in the Netherlands as well as Brussels, Paris and other cities in neighbouring countries. The ride to the city center of Amsterdam takes just a couple of minutes by train.

Amsterdam Central Station

You can reach the central station by train quickly

If you are not heading to the central station, you might also consider taking one of 24 direct bus lines connecting the airport with Amsterdam and neighbouring cities. You might also take an Uber or a taxi, yet those are relatively expensive compared to the public transportation in Amsterdam.


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    • I actually wasn’t too happy about my recent transfer experience. While the KLM Lounges are indeed quite nice and stylish, they were slightly crowded. Plus, it’s quite a haul to get from the lounges to the gates (at least to some).

      • Yes, I tend to agree. It seems one has to walk miles before they arrive at the gate.

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