Hotel Review: The Legian Bali

The Legian Bali is one of the most exclusive luxury hotels on Bali. The all-suite property is one of the smaller resorts on the island, but offers an unparalleled intimacy.

With some complimentary Leaders Club nights on my account, I decided to book one night at The Legian Bali during my stay on Bali in September.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: One Bedroom Suite
  • Month of Stay: September

The Legian Bali retailed in the 400 US-Dollar / Euro range during the time of my stay, so the complimentary night was a decent value.

The Legian Bali One Bedroom Suite

Welcome Treatment at The Legian Bali

As a courtesy of Leaders Club, I also got upgraded to a One Bedroom Suite and got breakfast, a welcome treatment and late check-out. Not bad for a complimentary night.

One Bedroom Suite at The Legian Bali

The check-in procedure at The Legian Bali is very enjoyable as you are welcomed in the lobby and immediately offered a welcome drink.

The Legian Bali Welcome Drink

Welcome Drink at The Legian Bali

After the quick process and some waiting time, I was accompanied to my One Bedroom Suite. The Legian consists of a couple attached buildings with three floors.

The Legian Bali One Bedroom Suite

Living Room of The Legian Bali

I was lucky enough to get a massive suite on the highest level. Upon entering, I found myself in the hallway with a guest bathroom to the left and a little kitchen with the complimentary non-alcoholic minibar to the right.

The Legian Bali One Bedroom Suite

Bedroom of The Legian Bali

The larger of the two rooms of the One Bedroom Suite comes with a dining table, a very comfortable couch, two armchairs and a decent working desk. The bedroom is much smaller, but also very acommodating with a very comfortable King Bed and two bedside tables.

While not very important to me on holidays, there are also massive flatscreen televisions in both rooms. Way more interesting is the immense balcony, which you can get to from both rooms. There are two chairs with a coffee table as well as a large day bed waiting for you.

From both seating options you can enjoy stunning views of the resort, the beach and the sea. There’s rarely a better place on earth. Getting back to the One Bedroom Suite at The Legian Bali, it’s worth noting that the design was very well done as everything perfectly matches and makes the suite a very accomnmodating place despite the size.

Another nice touch were the welcome fruit as well as canapés brought to my room just minutes after I settled down.

Bathroom of the One Bedroom Suite

Another real highlight of the One Bedroom Suite at The Legian Bali is the bathroom.

I’ve already said a word about the guest bathroom (toilet and a single sink), but the thing I really need to rave about is the master bathroom, which can be entered from both, the living and the bedroom.

The Legian Bali One Bedroom Suite

Bathroom of the One Bedroom Suite

Not only is the bathroom massive in size (I’d say at least 30 square meters), but also extremely stylish. There are two sinks with lots of storage, a large walk-in shower, a beautiful deep-soaking tub and a detached toilet.

The only issue I had with the bathroom is the fact that there is no daylight. Yet, this was easily outbalanced by the fact that The Legian Bali offers great Aqua di Parma amenities.

Pool, beach and gym at The Legian Bali

If you are looking for a large private beach, you are not at the right place at The Legian Bali. Located at Seminyak Beach, there’s no such thing as beach privacy.

The Legian Bali Beach

The Legian Bali comes with a fascinating beachfront

In fact, there is even a red flag at the beach right in front of The Legian Bali. If you are looking forward to swimming in the sea, you need to walk a couple of steps. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that the beach is not private, which means you might be approached by strangers.

Besides that, Seminyak Beach is quite nice. However, I’d recommend just lounging in the gardens of The Legian Bali, which are truly stunning. There are lots of loungers (you won’t have problems with other guests occupying those as there are so many) and three amazing pools with different temperatures and views of the sea.

Moreover, the whole area is protected by security and fully serviced. This means that you are offered water and cold towels free of charge as well as anything from the menu. Lounging at the resort, you can enjoy great views of the sea and yet jump into the water any minute as the beach is literally in front of you.

The gym (located in the Spa) is also very nice. While small, there are top-notch machines and free weights.

Afternoon Tea and room service at The Legian Bali

All rates at The Legian Bali (including complimentary nights) come with breakfast and Afternoon Tea. The latter is quite a nice gesture. You can either have it in your own suite, at the bar, in the restaurant or in the garden.

The Legian Bali Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea at The Legian Bali

I opted for Afternoon Tea by the pool and was offered my choice of hot drink and a couple of sweet and savoury snacks. While on the small side, the quality was top-notch and everything was utterly tasty.

The Legian Bali Room Service

Room Service Dinner at The Legian Bali

The same is true for the room service food I ordered in the evening. The Phad Thai was delivered within 25 minutes and was very tasty. The large bread basket at the side was a further nice touch.

It’s worth noting that there is no room service surcharge at The Legian Bali, which is something I always appreciate.

Breakfast at The Legian Bali

I’d call myself a huge fan of à la carte breakfast. Thus, I was rather sad to hear that there is no à la carte breakfast per se at The Legian Bali.

The Legian Bali Breakfast

Breakfast at The Legian Bali


Yet, this information is only partly right. While there is indeed a small buffet with cold cuts, fruits, mueslis, juices and such, you can basically order whatever you like by the table. My waiter was utterly friendly and came by my table every five minutes asking whether I want something else.

I had a few bites from the buffet and ordered scrambled eggs with salmon as well as granola with fruits at the table. It’s not hard to guess that everything was of the highest quality and extremely tasty.

In fact, breakfast at The Legian Bali was one of the best breakfast experiences I had in some time.

Overall impressions of The Legian Bali

You might be a little surprised that The Legian Bali doesn’t come with a large beach and only one restaurant, but you’ll get to love the privacy and intimacy of the hotel as soon as you are arriving. The staff is utterly friendly and helpful and incredibly warm and welcoming.

The suites are beautifully appointed and in a great state despite the property not being “fresh” anymore. The gardens and the pools are one of the most amazing places to relax you might dream of and the food offerings could hardly be any better. I’ll definitely be back!

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    • I wouldn’t say so. Most countries in Europa prevent ownership of private beaches. Thus, nearly all beaches in Europa are public as well. Private beaches are more a thing in lesser developed countries, where public power is not so strong.

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