Looking Back

The second look back of the new year is online! Last week, we’ve presented quite a lot of new content with a mix of reviews, guides and new impressions from travelling to Egypt! If you missed anything, be sure to take a minute.

Hilton Lake Taupo Pool

We’ve started the week with an extensive review of Hilton Lake Taupo!

Hilton Pyramids Golf Resort Pool

Some impressions of another property: Hilton Pyramids Golf Resort!


Followed by impressions of the incredible Pyramids of Gizeh!

Japan Airlines Boeing 787

Another highlight is our review of the Japan Airlines Business Class in the Boeing 787!

Egypt Air Lounge Cairo

Not as aspirational: First impressions of the Egypt Air Lounge Cairo!

Swiss Senator Lounge Schengen Zurich Buffet

A little more amazing is the Swiss Senator Lounge in Zurich!

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Transiting in Amsterdam sometime soon? Here’s our airport guide!

Hilton Berlin Dome View Room

New week, new business trip: Impressions of Hilton Berlin!

Running in Florianopolis

Sports in a metropolis can be amazing: Our running guide of Florianopolis!


One of the most funny photos of the week in a while: “Speedily”

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