Lounge Review: Diamond Lounge Brussels

The Diamond Lounge Brussels is a third-party lounge in the Schengen Area at Brussels Airport. The lounge is temporarily relocated, but is relatively nice even in the temporary space.

Honestly, I didn’t expect a lot of the Diamond Lounge Brussels. First of all, it’s a third-party lounge. Second, it’s currently relocated. Third, it can be accessed with Priority Pass. While this is not a bad thing per se, Priority Pass lounges are usually subpar.

Diamond Lounge Brussels Seating

Seating in the Diamond Lounge Brussels

In case of the Diamond Lounge Brussels this is not the case. The lounge is currently located in sort of the basement, but still comes with natural light. Located airside, the lounge also gives you good access to most gates.

Seating in the Diamond Lounge Brussels

The Diamond Lounge Brussles is one big room. After checking in at the reception desk, you can choose a couple of differnt seating areas, which all look quite stylish.

Diamond Lounge Brussels Seating

The lounge comes with several different seating areas

There are some benches and stools close to the reception desk, some dining tables with armchairs in the middle of the lounge and some high-top seating to the far left.

Behind the buffet, you can find some more bar style seating with side-views of the tarmac (I’d say that this is the nicest area of the lounge). While not very big, the lounge was everything but crowded when I visited.

Diamond Lounge Brussels View

View of the tarmac

Especially for a temporary space, I found the design and comfort of the Diamond Lounge Brussels to be quite good.

Buffet of the Diamond Lounge Brussels

One of the areas, where independent lounges usually leave a lot to be desired is the buffet. That’s also true for the Diamond Lounge Brussels.

Diamond Lounge Brussels Buffet

Buffet of the Diamond Lounge Brussels

I happend to visit the lounge for breakfast and found a selection of pastries, croissants, whole fruits, cake, yoghurt and cold cuts alongside some snacks like nuts. While the buffet was not really bad, it was also everything but remarkable.

Something quite funny about the buffet of the Diamond Lounge is the drink selection. You can choose of four different fresh beers, which you can pour yourself. Besides that, there’s the usual drink selection including wines and spirits.

Entertainment in the Diamond Lounge Brussels

The entertainment selection of the Diamond Lounge Brussels is on the good side. There are a few (mostly local) newspapers available alongside of several (mainly English and French) magazines. Definitely not bad if you are looking for something to read.

There are also a few televisions showing news channels (on mute). The Wi-Fi worked quite well and was easy to use. The only thing missing at the Diamond Lounge Brussels is a business center.

Bottom line Diamond Lounge Brussels

It’s rare that I’m saying that a Priority Pass Lounge is good, but the Diamond Lounge Brussels somewhat surprised me positively. Even in the temporary state, it is a physically nice space with natural light and individual design.

Diamond Lounge Brussels Lavatories

The restrooms are basic, but clean

The buffet is okay, while the entertainment selection is above average. All in all, the Diamond Lounge Brussels is a nice spot to hang out prior departure.


Curious what the world of lounges has to offer in comparison?


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