Hotel Review: Hilton Munich Park

Hilton Munich Park is one of two Hilton properties in Munich. While the other Hilton is located in the city centre, the Park one is located next to the English Garden. While the location is great for recreation, it’s not ideal for business trips. Yet, the hotel is decent enough.

For a meeting, I decided to book the Hilton Munich Park. My colleagues and me all went ahead and booked a Standard Room and nearly all were upgraded to Executive Rooms on behalf of the Hilton Gold / Diamond Status.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Executive Room
  • Month of Stay: August

The check-in as such was friendly and efficient and I was also upgraded to an Executive Room.

Hilton Munich Park

The Hilton Munich Park is not exactly beautiful

Luckily, my room was on the “green” side of the hotel, making the views quite enjoyable.

Executive Room at Hilton Munich Park

The Executive Room I was upgraded to was surprisingly large. Interestingly, the furniture was rather sparse. Thus, the room looked a little too big for what is in it.

Hilton Munich Park Executive Room

The Executive Rooms are quite spacious and come with a modern interior

Anyways, the furniture is rather modern and well designed. That’s not too surprising as the rooms at the Hilton Munich Park got renovated more than a year ago.

The Executive Room features a King Bed, a long side board, which also comes with a basic chair and thus is intended to also be a working desk of sorts.

By the window, there is a daybed with a coffee table and a stool. One of the highlights of the Executive Room at Hilton Munich Park is the balcony with stuning views of the English Garden and the skyline.

However, I was surprised to not find any furniture at the balcony as it was clearly good enough for a chair or a daybed.

Bathroom of the Executive Room

I would say that the bathroom is the biggest weakness of the Executive Room. While I’ve seen small bathrooms, I was yet surprised that the one at Hilton Munich Park was that small.

Hilton Munich Park Executive Room Bathroom

Bathroom of the Executive Room at Hilton Munich Park

It was also clearly left out in the process of renovations as it still featured a horrible shower-tub combo with a shower curtain and weak water pressure.

Other than that, there is a toilet and a sink alongside the usual Peter Thomas Roth amenities you can find in all Hilton properties worldwide.

Executive Lounge at Hilton Munich Park

For our meeting, we spent quite a lot of time in the Executive Lounge at Hilton Munich Park. Sadly, it lacks conference facilities. Other than that, the lounge is quite nice and has a decent view.

The furniture is modern and the lounge is bright enough to make it an enjoyable space. Not being very big, it gets crowded in the evening hours.

Hilton Munich Park Lounge

There are a couple of sweet options in the afternoon

Speaking about the food spread, there is an average selection of cake in the afternoon and a small buffet in the evening. This one features two hot options (convenience food), salad options and small snacks.

You might also enjoy a selection of complimentary non-alcoholic (all day) and alcoholic options (during the evening spread) in the evening.

Breakfast at Hilton Munich Park

If you booked an Executive Room or are a Hilton HHonors Diamond member, you might enjoy breakfast either in the lounge or in the restaurant. The spread in the lounge is rather weak and only comes with scrambled eggs and a cold selection.

Meanwhile, the buffet in the main restaurant is among the better ones I’ve seen in Hilton hotels. However, breakfast at Hilton Munich Park was madness at this very Sunday. Due to that, the service was lackluster, too.

Hilton Munich Park Breakfast

In theory, the breakfast buffet at Hilton Munich Park is quite good

The buffet as such consists of several areas with a selection of local and international specialties. Among the usual spread consisting of mueslis, cold cuts, cheeses, salmon, rolls, croissants and much more, you might also freshly squeeze your own orange juice or order one of many hot options at your table

Qualitywise, the breakfast buffet is quite good. Sadly, the atmosphere is the complete opposite.

Pool & Gym at Hilton Munich Park

I didn’t quite have much time to enjoy the sports or leisure facilities at Hilton Munich Park. Yet, neither the gym nor the pool are very inviting at the same time.

Hilton Munich Park Pool

Pool at Hilton Munich Park

I went for a quick dip into the pool, which is very small and not exactly suitable for swimming. The loungers in the pool area also don’t really make you want to spend time by the pool.

In the same area, you can also find a sauna. The gym is relatively modern and big and comes with a decent selection of machines and some free weights.

While okay for a workout, it lacks daylight.

Bottom line Hilton Munich Park

Hilton Munich Park is an absolutely fine Hilton property. Nothing is really exciting about the hotel, but there’s nothing too bad either. I’d like to see a better food spread in the lounge and a better organization of the crowds at breakfast.

Hilton Munich Park Pool

Some areas at Hilton Munich Park are in need of a renovation

Other than that, a renovation of the Spa area and the bathrooms is long due. Nevertheless, I’d recommend Hilton Munich Park if you are looking for a property outside of the city center with a good value for the money.

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  3. not a good staff with no knowledge on how different cards and banking system works. Poor coordination between staff…They charged me 50EUR more and till my check out they confirmed me, it´s not going to happen…and in the end, it´s happened and they chagred me more…Staff doesnot seems to be knowledegable…they are only working with a one intention to ROB a Customer…

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