Looking Back

Time passes by and another week is over. While we didn’t travel too much this week, there are at least some new impressions from Verona in Italy. Other than that, we hope that you enjoyed our other reviews and guides. If you missed something, here’s everything summed up!

The Legian Bali Pool

You’re in holiday mood? Then you’ll definitely love our review of The Legian Bali!

Diamond Lounge Brussels Seating

Departing from Brussels sometime soon? Here’s our review of the Diamond Lounge!

Trinity Express Dallas

Travelling to Dallas? Here’s some help with our transportation guide!


An interesting destination in New Zealand? Anna’s city review of Dunedin!

Due Torri Hotel Verona

Arrived in Verona: First impressions of Due Torri Hotel Verona!


Somewhere in the nowhere. Our photo of the week!


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