Airline Review: Malaysia Airlines (long haul economy)

Booking my flights to Australia last summer was rather last-minute and given the relatively low prices, I decided to give Malaysia Airlines a try. As I needed to head back to the UK after my trip to Australia and New Zealand anyways, flying from London was the best possible option.

In total I had four flights with Malaysia Airlines:

  • LHR – KUL (night-time): Airbus A380-800; two dinners and a snackbox
  • KUL- SYD (night-time): Airbus A330-300; evening snack and breakfast
  • MEL – KUL (day-time): Airbus A330-300; lunch, evening snack
  • KUL – LHR (night-time): Airbus A380-800; dinner and breakfast

On my way to Kuala Lumpur, I was lucky enough to be seated on the upper deck on the Airbus A380 with a free seat next to me. I also got an empty seat next to me on my journey from Kuala Lumpur to Sydney. All of my seats were aisle seats in the middle, however, on my return journey I did not have an empty seat next to me.

Seat-Pitch: 32 Inch (81 Centimetre)

Seat Width: 18 Inch (46 Centimetre)

Generally I liked the colour scheme of the airplane (purple) as well as the flowery uniforms of the flight attendants. The seats were quite comfortable, although after the first flight I just didn’t want to board yet another airplane to sit there again for eight hours. Flying over night is always more strenous than a day flight as you feel forced to try and sleep at some point. Thus, two overnight long haul flights were definitely exhausting! That’s also why I was happy to be able to take a shower and eat some decent food at Kuala Lumpur Premium Plaza Lounge in-between my flights.

In-Seat-Entertainment in the Malaysia Airlines long haul Economy Class

The screens in the Airbus A380 were newer and slightly bigger than those in the Airbus A330. The selection of movies, tv shows and music was great. Unfortunately, the touch screen didn’t work at its best, so I often had to use the remote control instead.


Several genres were offered

The headphones provided by Malaysia Airlines were too big for me, they kept on falling off and the sound wasn’t very good either. For a long haul flight you should definitely bring your own ones that you’re comfortable with.

Food offered by Malaysia Airlines in Economy Class

I have to admit it, I am generally no fan of airplane food and am always happy to get off the airplane and be able to eat some “real” food. However, my impressions of Malaysia Airlines food, especially the dinner and lunch meals, were quite good. The beef and chicken dishes I tried were all very good.

The pizza snack and the chicken roll, however, weren’t that great and rather tasteless. Breakfast also didn’t really convince me as I didn’t like the warm egg dishes, but also didn’t want to opt for chicken again.

Malaysia Airlines

English Breakfast with croissant, yogurt and fruit salad

You should also make sure to let the airline know of any dietary requirements, as there either weren’t any vegetarian meals in the first place or they ran out of them quickly. Overall, I quite liked the catering and service. During the nighttime, the flight attendants also brought a little snack and frequently offered drinks to those awake.


Midnight Snack

Overall experience of the Malaysia Airlines long haul Economy Class

I quite generally enjoyed my flights with Malaysia Airlines, although the flight with the A380 was a bit more comfortable, due to the upper deck being less noisy. The flight attendants were very friendly and the service offered was also good. The In-Flight-Entertainment offered a great choice. Overall the airplane was very clean, although the toilets got a lot less inviting during our flight.


Complimentary peanuts at the beginning of the flight

Considering the cheap prices, you should definitely consider checking out Malaysia Airlines as you get a lot for the money you pay.

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