Hotel Review: Sofitel Brisbane

Sofitel Brisbane is one of the best located hotels in Brisbane. The property is build right on the Central Station, making it easy to get from the hotel to pretty much everything. Yet, the location is just one thing making Sofitel Brisbane a great hotel to stay at!

When looking for a hotel in Brisbane, I decided to give the rather expensive Sofitel Brisbane a try. The hotel was discounted through one of the many Accorhotels sales and thus was priced at approximately 250 AUD per night including breakfast.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Luxury Room
  • Month of Stay: September

On this price level, the Sofitel is one of the most expensive properties in the city. Thus, my expectations were rather high. The check-in experience didn’t exactly meet those as it didn’t exactly feel “luxurious”.

Sofitel Brisbane Lobby

Lobby at Sofitel Brisbane

However, the employee was friendly and handed me over my keys to the room. I was a little surprised to not be accompanied to my room.

Luxury Room at Sofitel Brisbane

The Luxury Room I was assigned was on one of the lower floors. Yet, the room was quite nice and also very spacious.

Sofitel Brisbane Luxury Room

The Luxury Rooms at Sofitel Brisbane are quite spacious

Upon entering, there was a wardrobe to the right, followed by a sideboard with a Nespresso machine. At this place, there was also a small welcome gift.

The Luxury Room as such looks quite modern and very accommodating. To the left, there’s a large King Bed with several different pillows (turn down service is available upon request) facing a flatscreen television.

Closer to the window, there was a large working desk with an ergonomic chair. In addition, there was an armchair with a coffee table.

Sofitel Brisbane Luxury Room

Due to the height of the building, the view is stunning

Something else I liked about the Luxury Room at Sofitel Brisbane is the view of the city, which was quite good even on a lower floor. Plus, the room is quite bright.

Bathroom of the Luxury Room

While I absolutely enjoyed the Luxury Room as such, the bathroom somewhat disappointed me. Rather small, there’s just a single sink, a toilet and a tub-shower combo. The shower head and the pressure were average at best.

Sofitel Brisbane Luxury Room

The bathroom is rather small compared to the room

The design is relatively luxurious with lots of marble and nice colorings. Nevertheless, I’d say that a property on the level of Sofitel Brisbane should come with a bigger bathroom featuring a walk-in shower and a detached toilet.

The toiletries by Lanvin are good, but not as good as the usual L’Occitane toiletries.

Gym & Pool at Sofitel Brisbane

Sofitel Brisbane offers extensive facilities for its guests. You can book spa treatments, enjoy complimentary access to the gym and an outdoor pool with a jacuzzi.

The pool at Sofitel Brisbane is good for swimming laps

The pool at Sofitel Brisbane is good for swimming laps

The gym is one of the highlights of the hotel, offering a fascinating view of the city. While not exactly big, it’s also very well equipped.

The pool is not as nice, but totally fine for some lap swimming. The loungers are of good quality and come with parasols.

Another positive aspect is the fact that the pool and the jacuzzi are both heated.

Breakfast & Welcome Drink at Sofitel Brisbane

Sadly, my stay at Sofitel Brisbane was a rather brief one. That’s why I can’t say a lot about the dining facilities. I just had my welcome drink at the bar (white wine).

Sofitel Brisbane Drink

The service at the bar was horrible

Sadly, the service was horrible and thus I couldn’t really enjoy the good wine. Even though I had breakfast included, I wasn’t able to go to the restaurant as I departed at 6 am.

Instead, I was offered a breakfast box with a sandwich, yoghurt, banana, juice and a muesli bar. Nothing to get excited about, but totally fine.

Overall impression of Sofitel Brisbane

Even though Sofitel Brisbane isn’t a very affordable option to stay in Brisbane, I kind of enjoyed my stay. The rooms are large enough, offer a good view and come with a modern and very acommodating interior. Especially the good bed and working desk amazed me.

Sofitel Brisbane Restaurant

The public facilities at Sofitel Brisbane are quite nice

The only weakness of the rooms is the small bathroom. The other facilities including the pool and the gym are nice enough. The only thing really disappointing me was the horrible service at the bar. What I would recommend for a stay at Sofitel Brisbane is a Club Room as the lounge on the highest floor looked amazing!

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