Airport Guide: Melbourne Airport

Melbourne Airport, also known as Tullamarine Airport, is the second busiests airport in Melbourne. It’s an international hub for Qantas and Virgin Australia. Learn more about the airport in our extensive airport guide!

With more than 30 million passengers and dozens of international routes, Melbourne Airport is by far the second most important airport in Australia after Sydney Airport.

Virgin Australia Boeing 737

Virgin Australia mainly offers domestic and regional flights

The airport comes with three active terminals and two runways and is a hub for five airlines. Qantas, Virgin Australian and Jetstar Airways all over long-haul flights out of Melbourne.

Biggest airlines at Melbourne Airport:
  • Jetstar Airways: several domestic and a few international routes
  • Qantas: several domestic and long haul routes
  • Virgin Australia: several domestic and a few international routes

Shopping and dining at Melbourne Airport

As you’d expect for a big international airport like Melbourne Airport, there are several dining and shopping facilities. Depending on the terminal, the choice is between average to very good. Terminal 2, which is the international terminal, comes with especially many facilities.

Melbourne Airport

Melbourne Airport is quite good for shopping

You can find dozens of shops, restaurants and cafés landside and airside. While most of the dining facilities at Melbourne Airport are cafés and bars, there are also a few proper restaurants in Terminal 2. As you’d expect, there are also quite many fashion shops and such in the international terminal.

Sleeping at Melbourne Airport

It’s not exactly recommendable to sleep at Melbourne Airport according to The airport does not close down during the night, but there is no dedicated sleeping area for passengers. Instead, you may only sleep on one of the benches in the different terminals. However, reviews mention low temperatures and high noises.

Quay West Suites Melbourne Pool

Hotels in the city are not an ideal option due to the distance to the airport

Instead of sleeping in the airport, we recommend checking out Park Royal Melbourne Airport, which is located right across the terminal and connected to it by a covered walkway. Prices are in the range of 200 to 300 AUD (~ 140 to 210 Euro) per night and thus rather elevated. There are also several other hotels like a Holiday Inn and other three or four star hotels close to the airport. Those properties are a little closer.

Lounges at Melbourne Airport

Melbourne Airport comes with several lounges, which might be accessed with lounge memberships, a certain frequent flyer tier or business and first class tickets. You should be aware that there is no Priority Pass lounge at all at Melbourne Airport.

Virgin Australia Lounge Melbourne

Virgin Australia and Qantas both offer nice lounges in Melbourne

Instead, you either need a Qantas Club, a Virgin Australia or a Air New Zealand Koru membership to access the lounges without a special ticket. Besides Qantas, Virgin Australia and Air New Zealand, there are also lounges operated by Cathay Pacific, Malaysia Airlines, Etihad Airways and Emirates.

Lounges at Melbourne Airport:
  • Qantas Domestic Business Lounge (T1): oneworld Business and First Class passengers and oneworld Sapphire and Emerald members
  • Qantas Club (T1): Qantas Club members and oneworld Business and First Class passengers and oneworld Sapphire and Emerald members
  • Air New Zealand Koru Lounge (T2): Star Alliance Business and First Class passengers and Star Alliance Gold members
  • Cathay Pacific Lounge (T2): oneworld Business and First Class passengers and oneworld Sapphire and Emerald members
  • Emirates Lounge: Emirates Business and First Class passengers and Skywards Silver and Gold members
  • Etihad Lounge: Etihad & Partners Business and First Class passengers and Etihad & Partners Gold and Platium members
  • Malaysia Airlines Lounge (T2): oneworld Business and First Class passengers and oneworld Sapphire and Emerald members
  • Virgin Australia Lounge: Virgin Australia The Business guests, Lifetime Lounge member as well as Velocity Platinum and Gold members; eligble Etihad Airways partners status guests
  • Qantas International Business Lounge (T2): oneworld Business and First Class passengers and oneworld Sapphire and Emerald members
  • Qantas International First Class Lounge (T2): oneworld First Class passengers and oneworld Emerald members

Transportation at Melbourne Airport

Sadly, Melbourne Airport is not exactly well connected to the city center of Melbourne. Currently, the cheapest option is a combination of a local bus (line 901) and suburban trains. However, this way you need more than one hour to the city center. The quicker way is to take the Skybus, which connects Melbourne Airport with the Southern Cross Station.

Melbourne Metro

The cheapest option is a combination of bus and metro

This one is connected well with suburban and regional trains and gets you to most points of the city. There are also a few destinations, which you can use a free Skybus shuttle to. However, the Skybus is also quite expensive with 18 AUD (~ 12.50 Euro / 13 US-Dollar) per person. Taxis are also available, but cost triple the amount of the skybus and are only slightly faster depending on where you are going. It’s worth noting that a train link to the airport is currently in the planning phase.


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