Hotel Review: Hilton Dresden

Hilton Dresden is a centrally located hotel in the German metropolis Dresden. The hotel comes with lots of rooms and extensive facilities. However, there are a few things I didn’t like about the property.

There’s rarely a better location for a hotel in Dresden than the one of Hilton Dresden.

  • Classification: Four Stars
  • Room Category: Executive Room
  • Month of Stay: October

All important sights are just a stonethrow away. At the same time, the hotel is located in a pedestrian zone, so there is no traffic noise as such. Sadly, this good first impression wasn’t followed up at check-in.

Hilton Dresden Welcome Present

In my room, a welcome present was awaiting me

Honestly, I’ve never had a worse check-in experience than at Hilton Dreden. The employee checking me in was outright rude. Something I’m questioning why I always stay polite as this employee definitely deserved a lesson in customer service. Well, in the end I at least had my keys and headed to my room.

Executive Room at Hilton Dresden

At Hilton Dresden, I got the Hilton HHonors Diamond minimum upgrade of an Executive Room. This bascially means that I got a Standard Room on a special floor with no view at all (courtyard).

Hilton Dresden Executive Room

Executive Room at Hilton Dresden

Yet, I don’t really mind for short business stays. The room itself was neither bad nor especially good. The interior was pretty brand standard. Upon entering, there was the bathroom to the right and a wardrobe to the right.

The room itself featured a comfortable Double Bed (two mattresses pushed together) facing a flatscreen televison, a large working desk with a proper chair and an armchair.

While not the most modern, I still found the interior to be decent enough. The view as much as no frills as the rest of the room.

Hilton Dresden Executive Room

The courtyard view is nothing special at all

Sadly, Hilton Dresden doesn’t offer any local charme. You could easily find this hotel room anywhere else in the world.

Bathroom of the Executive Room

Something rather odd about German Hiltons are the weak bathrooms. Be it the Hilton in Berlin or Munich or Dresden: The bathrooms suck.

Hilton Dresden Executive Room Bathroom

Bathroom at Hilton Dresden

The main problem seem to be the old buildings. While the rooms get renovated at one point, the bathrooms still feel like thirty years old. At Hilton Dresden, there’s just a single sink with some storage room, a toilet and a shower-tub combo.

While the shower head is not bad, the water pressure is also everything but amazing. The usual Peter Thomas Roth amenities are also nothing to really get excited about.

Executive Lounge at Hilton Dresden

The Executive Lounge (access either by booking an Executive Room or a suite or holding Hilton HHonors Gold or Diamond status) at Hilton Dresden is located on the first floor.

Sadly, there’s only few natural lights and no real view. Besides that, the lounge is a relatively nice place with dining style tables and some couches. There’s also a business center in an extra room.

Hilton Dresden Executive Lounge Cake

In the afternoon, you can enjoy some cake

The buffet is nothing to get excited about with a selection of softdrinks and water, a coffee machine and cheap snacks during the day. The afternoon selection with several creative cakes is quite good.

Meanwhile, the selection in the evening is rather average with some convenience food (two hot options and a few cold ones). Breakfast is also offered in the lounge, but I’d rather recommend having it in the restaurant.

Breakfast at Hilton Dresden

The breakfast selection is one of the brighter spots at Hilton Dresden. The restaurant as such is not especially accomodating, but the buffet is quite decent.

Hilton Dresden Breakfast

Breakfast at Hilton Dresden is quite good

You can find the usual selection of cheeses, cold cuts, rolls, bread, mueslis, yoghurts, fruits and much more. In addition, there’s an extensive hot selection at the buffet.

You can also order frehsly prepared eggs and other hot dishes like waffles as well as coffee specialities with a waiter.

Hilton Dresden Breakfast

The freshly prepared omelet was quite good

The qualiy is relatively high and especially good for a Hilton property.

Pool & Gym at Hilton Dresden

Speaking of bright spots: Hilton Dresden also comes with nice fitness and pool facilities. Those are also available for outside guests and tend to be crowded from time to time.

Hilton Dresden Gym

The gym at Hilton Dresden is big and well equipped

Yet, if you hit a time slot with only few people in the area, it’s quite an enjoyable place. The gym is very well equipped with lots of machines for cardio and strength training.

In addition, there are dozens of free weights. The pool is also quite nice and big enough for laps. There are also several loungers around as well as in a relaxation room close to the pool.

One of the highlights of the relaxation facilities (there’s also a sauna and a steam bath) is the jacuzzi, which is located in an outdoor area.

Overall impression of Hilton Dresden

If there wouldn’t have been my horrible check-in experience, I could have really liked my stay at Hilton Dresden. Sure, the rooms are just average and the bathrooms are a weak spot, but besides that the property is everything but bad.

Hilton Dresden Pool

The relaxation facilities are one of the positive aspects

The Executive Lounge is a nice enough place to spend your time, the recreation facilities are quite nice if they are not crowded and the breakfast is above average. I won’t go as far as calling Hilton Dresden a real five star hotel, but it’s definitely one of the better Hiltons you can find in Germany!

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