Belfast is getting more and more popular for tourists. For a weekend trip, we had the chance to enjoy the beauty of the city. While we didn’t expect too much, we were actually pleasently surprised by Belfast. There are lots of interesting sights including a very nice waterfront, the City Hall and the beautiful Botanical Garden!

Belfast City Hall

Stay tuned for our extensive city review here on traveluxblog!


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  1. I agree with you. Belfast is up and coming, making a name for itself. I visited a while ago and LOVED it. I am curious to see what else you have up your sleeve.

    • There’s several new things coming up shortly. I’ll be and Hamburg this weekend and we’ll be in Torquay and Windsor afterwads. By the end of Februar, I’m heading to Vietnam. So, yeah, there are going to be several new interesting cities on the watch 😉

      • Hamburg is fun. Have not to the other one but Windsor and would love to go back and I am totally jealous for Vietnam. Sounds like a super trip. I am very happy for you.

      • That is exactly what happened to us! We were there for its proximity to the Giant’s Causeway, but ended up wishing we’d had more time in the city.

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