Hotel Review: InterContinental Davos

InterContinental Davos is one of only few resorts in the InterContinental portfolio in Europe. The property is quite modern and got the strangest exterior of pretty much all hotels I’ve seen so far. Nevertheless, I found the InterContinental Davos to be quite a nice property.

There’s one thing that unites all hotels in Switzerland: They are outrageously expensive. Interestingly, InterContinental Davos is an exception of this rule, especially in summer. Luckily, this was also true for my birthday, which I decided to spend at this very property last year.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Club Room
  • Month of Stay: August

The property with the exterior of a golden eye (no, I’m not joking) is a short walk away from the city center and most lifts. Yet, the quiet and a little elevated location allows you to relax and enjoy great views.

InterContinental Davos Exterior

The exterior of InterContinental Davos is rather special

As you’d expect by the interior, the property is also quite modern. That’s something you’ll recognize as soon as you are entering the lobby.

As an Ambassador I received a one-category room upgrade, but paid another 50 Euro per night to get upgraded to the Club Level (same room, but access to the club and included breakfast).

Club Room at InterContinental Davos

The Club Rooms at InterContinental Davos are located on higher floors and are facing the Davos valley with a nice mountain skyline in the background.

InterContinental Davos Club Room

Club Room at InterContinental Davos

Besides that, the Club Rooms are the same as the two lower room categories. However, that’s not a bad thing at all as I found the room to be quite stylish and comfortable.

InterContinental Davos Club Room

The Club Rooms aren’t especially large, but very cozy

Upon entering, there’s the wardrobe to the right and the bathroom to the left. Further to into the room, you can find a Nespresso coffee maker alongisde a bottle of water. The room as such is not exactly big, but comes with large floor-to-ceiling windows and a very cozy interior.

There is a large King Bed with two bedside tables, then there’s a table with two comfortable chairs and a large and very comfortable circular sofa with another coffee table. As you’d expect, there’s also a large flatscreen television.

All rooms also come with a spacious terrace, which I found a little sparsely equipped with just two basic chairs. The view is also brilliant, making the rooms at InterContinental Davos quite enjoyable.

Bathroom of the Club Room

While I enjoyed the room as such to be bright and sunny at most times, the bathroom was a little too dark for my taste.

InterContinental Davos Club Room

Bathroom of the Club Room

Not only was there no window or something similar, but the colors of the bathroom were also surprisingly dark. Leaving that aside, the bathroom is quite nice.

It is modern, spacious and well equipped with a walk-in shower (good pressure), a nice tub and a detached toilet. There’s also enough space for your belongings.

InterContinental Davos Club Room Toiletries

The toiletries are provided by Agraria

As it’s the norm for InterContinental properties, InterContinental Davos offers Agraria toiletries.

Club Lounge at InterContinental Davos

The Club Lounge at InterContinental Davos also made a good impression on myself at first sight. The lounge is spacious, comes with several seating options and is very clean.

InterContinental Davos Club Lounge

The Club Lounge is a physically nice space to hang out

Well, at least that was true for my first visit. Later on I recognized that the lounge was unstaffed at all times, which made several guest without access sneak into the lounge to grab a snack or drink.

Moreover, plates were cleared every hour or so and not regularly. Worst of all, the buffet at the club lounge was between bad and non-existing. While there were a few snacks during the day also something like evening snacks, the choice was mostly very small and things were not refilled at all.

Plus, there was rarely any cuttlery available and none of the items were named. It’s worth noting that the extra charge of 50 Euro per night for the Club were taken of my bill after other guests and me voiced concerns about the conditions.

Breakfast at InterContinental Davos

While I wasn’t impressed by the Club Lounge at InterContinental Davos at all, I was quite happy about breakfast served in the main restaurant.

InterContinental Davos Breakfast

Breakfast is only served in the restaurant

You can expect a generous buffet with local and international specialties, freshly prepared egg dishes, freshly squeezed juices and quite good service.

Moreover, I also found the restaurant to be nicely furnished and generally a good place to sit at. If it’s warm enough, you may also sit on the outdoor terrace.

InterContinental Davos Breakfast

Eggs are freshly prepared by order

I’ll let the pictures of the buffet speak for themselves, but want to especially positively mention the choice of fresh fruits and fish specialties. The quality of all items was quite high throughout.

Pool & Gym at InterContinental Davos

As you’d expect at a resort property, InterContinental Davos also comes with a Spa. This one is located on the ground floor and thus lacks views.

InterContinental Davos Spa

The Spa is located on the ground floor

Nevertheless, I found the whole area to be quite well designed. The most disappointing area definitely is the gym, which is well equipped, but too small and also too dark (there’s no daylight at all).

Other than that, I really enjoyed the areas. There is a decently sized indoor pool, a smaller, but year-round heated outdoor pool and an area with a sauna, a steam bath, Kneipp facilities and an ice pool.

Throughout the area, there are several comfortable loungers. You can also find fresh fruits and water in this area.

If you are looking for a calmer place, you might go up one floor and enjoy the relaxation room with several more loungers, an outdoor terrace and even a samowar.

Bottom line InterContinental Davos

Sadly, I was a little ill during my stay and thus wasn’t able to enjoy InterContinental Davos as much as I maybe should. While there was no special treatment for my birthday (besides a nice cake), I really liked the whole hotel. Leaving aside the problematic situation of the Club Lounge, I liked the performance in all areas.

InterContinental Davos Birthday Cake

The birthday cake was quite a nice touch

The rooms are very cozy and comfortable and come with decent bathrooms, the views of Davos are very nice and the braekfast is top-notch. For a resort, I found the relaxation facilities to be good, but not exceptional. Nevertheless, I’d return to InterContinental Davos in a heartbeat. That’s especially true taking into account the very good rates offered throughout the summer season.

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